Millennium Pendant


  • Millennium Diamond Pendant

Millennium Diamond Pendant

The graceful Millennium diamond pendant shown has been expertly set with a 0.90ct round brilliant cut Shimansky diamond.

Crafted to our exacting standards, this designer diamond pendant can be especially created with a hand-selected Shimansky diamond  of your choice.

Millennium Diamond Pendant 0.30ct crafted in 18K white gold from only R17 680

CODE: MIP-10092

Designer Notes
Resting close to your heart, and filled with a world of symbolism, a pendant is a truly special gift, given to celebrate true love and affection. The Shimansky-exclusive Millennium Diamond Pendant is both elegant and understated, yet it displays remarkable craftsmanship and design excellence.

The perfect complement to your Millennium Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, or set of Earrings, it holds a beautiful Round Brilliant Cut Diamond between two bands. The diamond is the centerpiece of this piece, with its brilliance and scintillation the focal point. A remarkable jewellery creation, fit for a remarkable woman.

CODE: MIP-10092


Round Brilliant Cut, crafted in 18K White Gold
0.30ct from only R14 380

Price includes VAT. Valid while stock lasts.

CODE: MIP-10092

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