2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky

The start of a new year brings a renewed sense of optimism; it’s a time to re-evaluate, rethink, refresh and re-invent – a sentiment that applies as much to the mind and heart as it does to our sense of style and appearance. If you have not completely decided how you want to make the most of 2020, we’d like to give you some inspiration. Our New Year’s jewellery resolutions for 2020 take inspiration from some of our favourite meaningful pieces, including the Table Mountain Ring, the Tip of Africa Ring, the Shimansky Millennium Diamond Ring, Ayanda Tanzanite, the Panther Ring, the Shimansky My Girl Ring, the Infinity Collection, and the Shimansky Evolym Ring.


Whether you would like to carry a more positive outlook on life, reignite your self-confidence, love unconditionally, live life with passion or explore new adventures and possibilities, we have a creation that will speak to your heart. Our top jewellery designs for 2020 will not only elevate your daily look, they are designed to empower you and make you feel even more inspired in 2020!

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


The breathtakingly beautiful Shimansky Untamed Panther Ring Collection is designed to inspire female empowerment and influence. The panther, a symbol of power, strength, courage and confidence, is beautifully incorporated into a collection of eight extraordinary distinct diamond and precious gemstones designs varying from 4ct to nearly 6ct of meticulously set diamonds. The signature ring in the collection is the White Diamond Panther Ring, a truly magnificent 18K white gold and diamond creation set with 319 micro-pavé round brilliant cut diamonds and a total carat weight of 4.44ct. The striking Panther Ring Collection is crafted to unlock your inner strength and inspire you to take control and live the life you want with confidence.

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


The unique Millennium design with its patented and signature floating diamond setting is truly a mark of originality. While the iconic Shimansky Millennium Ring, expertly set with a 1.01ct round brilliant cut diamond and crafted in pure platinum, is the key piece in the much-talked-about Millennium Collection, there are many other choices of bespoke Millennium designs to choose from. This one-of-a-kind Shimansky exclusive design is crafted for the woman who seeks to celebrate her uniqueness and individuality in style.

Equally extraordinary is the Shimansky My Girl Diamond Collection featuring the patented My Girl Diamond. The My Girl Diamond’s exceptional square cut and diamond-shaped table is the first of its kind in the world. The Shimansky My Girl collection, featuring a selection of earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets of unparalleled beauty, is a tribute to innovation and creativity and designed for the woman who seeks to define her own style and stand out from the crowd.

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


Every new year marks the start of a new chapter in life, so why not embark on a new adventure in 2020? Among our top adventure-inspired jewellery designs for 2020 are the Table Mountain Ring and the My Africa Tip Of Africa Ring, each bringing to life Africa’s boundless, untamed beauty. Whether you have a sense of wanderlust with plans to explore the unseen corners of the world, entertaining the idea of a new home or envisioning taking your career to new heights in 2020, these jewellery designs prove that there are no limits to your dreams and the possibilities they hold. Explore the Shimansky My Africa Collection and select a creation to take you on an exhilarating journey of discovery, growth and prosperity in 2020.

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


Tanzanite, the rarest gemstone known to man, is imbued with mystery. Various stories and myths exist as to how this enigmatic gem came about, one of which includes an act of God. Local Tanzanian people where the gem is sourced believe that tanzanite carry unique spiritual properties and can heighten spiritual growth. The Shimansky Ayanda, The Queen of Tanzanite Collection features an array of breathtakingly beautiful creations that capture the mystical nature of this enthralling gem. If you seek to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, consider acquiring a Shimansky tanzanite jewellery creation and make 2020 the year of living more connected to yourself and to the world.

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


The words ‘My Love’ written in reverse, the Shimansky Evolym Collection is symbolic of unconditional love and support. The unique Evolym setting gives the diamond a 360-degree exposure to light allowing it to radiate with brilliance from all angles. Is 2020 your year to get engaged to the one you love? Perhaps you are in search of a beautiful diamond creation to inspire you to live life with passion. Let your love shine in 2020! Wear a creation from the Shimansky Evolym Collection as a reminder of the beauty of pure, unconditional love.

2020 Jewellery Resolutions | Shimansky


Time is precious. The Infinity Collection is a reminder to celebrate the present and to cherish each moment with the people that mean the most to you. Each of the twelve sculptural rings in the Infinity Collection is designed in an endless loop in your choice of single, double or treble bands and can be created either in solid gold or a variety of diamond-encrusted pavé designs, set in your choice of gold. Whether you are wearing an Infinity Ring to symbolise your never-ending love for your soul mate, or as a reminder to let go of the past, stop worrying about the future and simply appreciate the now, a Shimansky Infinity creation is the perfect piece to bring meaning to your New Year’s resolutions for 2020.


If you feel inspired by our New Year’s jewellery resolutions for 2020, we invite you to update your jewellery collection with a meticulously crafted Shimansky diamond or tanzanite creation that has special meaning to you; one that reflects your vision for 2020. Whether you are in search of tanzanite rings in Cape Town or diamond statement rings in Johannesburg and New York, we have a dazzling creation that will inspire you. Shimansky diamonds are graded by international, independent diamond laboratories and each diamond comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. All Shimansky diamonds and Tanzanite are conflict-free and ethically sourced.

book an appointment at any one of the six Shimansky showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our diamond specialists will be delighted to guide you in finding a Shimansky piece that is destined to inspire love, happiness, self-confidence and positivity for 2020