7 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Remember how the sparks used to fly when you first started dating? Romantic dinners by candlelight, walks along the beach, movies, boat rides and spontaneous surprises filled the early days of your relationship.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


Write love notes to your significant other they can read at work. Do this by slipping cute little notes in their lunchboxes and briefcases every day. Not sure what to write in these notes? How about telling them exactly how you feel. Start by telling them just how much you appreciate them and that you hope they will enjoy the rest of their day. Remember it’s all about writing from the heart.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


If you nurture your relationship in the right way you will definitely reap the benefits. A good way to start is to make a romantic gesture. But, let’s face it - not everyone was born with a romantic side. Nevertheless, making a romantic gesture shouldn’t be too difficult. Usually a simple task around the house is all it takes. Simply offer to do the dishes and wash the laundry – this gesture works especially after your loved one had a very long, hard day at work. Try to find a time when you know they need it the most. Ultimately, it’s the small things that count. Add to the gesture by giving them a well-deserved foot rub afterwards.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


If chores aren’t really your thing, a gift will do. But instead of going for a box of chocolates or even a bouquet of flowers, make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day this year. Surprise her with a gift that she will treasure forever. For a few suggestions, have a look at our Valentine’s Day gift guide. Imagine her delight when she opens up the jewellery box you left on her pillow?

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures



Spend some time doing something that she loves. For example, instead of compromising on a film ask her what she would like to see. Try to suggest a few popular romantic films (chick flicks) you might think she will like as a perfect stay at home valentines day idea. This will show her just how dedicated you are to the cause. To make it even more special, surprise her with the tickets after work. The fact that you’re doing something outside your comfort zone shows her just how much you care. Check out Fandango's selection of 26 Romantic Movies To Get You Through Valentine's Day.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


You know you’re in love when you truly feel the need to make the other person feel extra special. A magical way to show her just how much you care is to write a poem or a song. If you can only sing well in the shower and lyrics don’t really come to mind, rather write her a meaningful poem. Find Valentine’s Day poem ideas and inspiration from writers who excel in the arts of love. There’s no denying that she will appreciate the special words you have put together for her on paper. This will be a romantic gesture she will be able to treasure for years to come.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


Be spontaneous. Life can be predictable, so why not spice it up with an activity she won’t expect. A very simple, yet romantic gesture would be to whisk her away for a romantic evening (why not visit one of the 21 ultimate romantic getaways in South Africa?). Try and keep the destination a secret by using a blindfold. For an added romantic touch, treat her to a candlelight dinner at one of the top restaurants for Valentine’s Day offering special dining experiences this month.

Shimansky 7 Romantic Gestures


Make sure you compliment her. It could be something basic like telling her how beautiful she looks today. Or you could even remind her how much she means to you by thanking her for the little things she does for you every day. If you would like to add to the romantic gesture, try putting together a pocketbook with a list of everything you love about her – this will most certainly make her day (and even her year).

Even though you might be going through a busy time in your life, it’s always important to treasure the person that you love. Keep the sparks flying during the month of love with these seven romantic gestures. And before you know it you’ll be madly in love with each other, all over again.