Winter is here and heaters, hot water bottles, slippers and scarves have officially taken over the homestead. Instead of going into full blown hibernation, surfacing only to feed the kids or top up your tea cup, why not use the chilly weather as the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with your partner, to keep the romance alive and keep each other warm while you’re at it.

As the biggest cheerleader of Love, Marriage and Happily Ever Afters, we’ve put together for you our top nine indoor winter date night ideas for you to enjoy together without having to brave the bitter cold or risk rain-induced hair frizz.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Draping sheets from the ceiling outwards in a tepee fashion, line the base of your tent with as many blankets, duvets and pillows as you have at your disposal.

Up the magic and romance factor by twirling fairy lights around the fort, or (in case of imminent blackout) disperse candles around the room, being careful not to set fire to the bedding – sure to spoil even the most beautiful moment.The perfect spot for an indoor picnic, it’s cosy and cuddle-friendly too!


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

After marriage and (certainly after kids), we find less and less occasions to twirl around the dance floor in our partner’s arms, but dancing remains one of the most intimate activities a couple can do together.So don’t let the plunging temperatures, the sleeping children upstairs, your age or your two left feet discourage you, search for some simple dance instructions on YouTube and practice them together, whether it’s a feisty salsa, the foxtrot or a river dance.

Once you’ve wiped the tears of laughter from your face (and potentially crippled your dance partner), resort to a shuffle-style slow dance reminiscent of your high school prom –as long as you are holding one another close.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Everyone knows that love means watching their favourite movies too. So send your special someone a hand-made movie night gift box, containing their ticket to your personal home cinema, as well as a selection of their all-time favourite movies and preferred snacks, like microwave popcorn and chocolates and biltong. The best thing about watching movies at home? You can cuddle without that pesky armrest keeping you at arm’s length, plus you can bring pizza into the cinema! Order in while you wait for him to arrive and if you want to go all out, hire a projector for the true big screen effect.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Good food is the key to many a heart, so rather than one of you slaving away in the kitchen while the other goes off to shower, find a recipe that’s completely foreign to you both and try to master it together. Think soups, home-made pasta or dim sum and add a little cheesiness to the equation using heart-shaped moulds, aphrodisiac ingredients and a romantic table setting of flowers, candles and a love letter for starters.


A fun and creative way to spoil your special someone, print a romantic message on the one side of a large piece of paper and write clues to your treasure hunt on the other side – then cut them up and place each clue in an envelope.

Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Scatter all your clues around the house, except for the first one which you hand to your partner to begin the hunt. As they follow the trail from one clue to the next they piece together the message you wrote them and after successfully solving the final clue, can finally uncover the surprise you have in store for them –whether it’s a thoughtful gift or a favourite meal, lovingly prepared.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Relive the happiest day of your life – this time without the jitters – and pop your wedding video into the DVD player. The best romance you’ll ever watch with a tear-jerking happy ending written just for you, you’ll be surprised how many special moments you’ve forgotten, or that passed you by completely. An incredible reminder of a perfect moment in your lives, look back and reflect on how lucky you were to find such a special someone to share your future with.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

If you’ve ever heard of chalkboard paint, you know where we’re going with this. Choose a wall in your kitchen, lounge of bedroom and paint it with chalkboard paint – you can even paint just a section of one wall and frame it. Stock up on coloured chalks, and then spend your evening working on your wall – compiling your bucket list, adding recipes, writing love letters to one another and of course a few poorly drawn pictures. It’ll help you both to get back in touch with each other’s goals and the constant reminder on the wall will ensure you both make an effort to work towards them.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Cosy up together in front of the fireplace and warm your hands and hearts as you dust off the guitar, open the red wine and feed each other toasted marshmallows – or better yet, sandwich them between biscuits and chocolate and make s’mores. Share childhood stories, goal for the future and greatest fears and between staring into each others’ eyes and staring into the mesmerising flames, your cold weather grouchiness will thaw away in no time.


Shimansky Winter Date Night Ideas

Family-friendly or otherwise, games bring out the competitive streak in everyone. A far more entertaining alternative to watching game shows on TV, games are guaranteed to make you laugh and learn together as a couple. Incorporate prizes for the winner and consolation prizes (like washing the dishes for a week) for the loser so neither of you is tempted to be sweet and let the other win – this is war!

Love our date night ideas? Give us your top ideas below, or share this article with your special someone and take turns planning the perfect night in.