A sparkling day in Cape Town spent with champagne and diamonds

Shimansky Diamond Day

To celebrate the remarkable beauty of a diamond, Shimansky, along with a number of influencers in Cape Town started the day off with champagne and ended the afternoon with diamonds. We received a warm welcome with a glass of Groot Constantia Method Cap Classique Brut Rosé before being whisked away by an extraordinary helicopter at the Cape Town Helicopters, located at the heart of the V&A Waterfront. Not long after the arrival of our private helicopter the magical journey over the beautiful Mother City took flight.

The exclusive Shimansky diamond and champagne experience in Cape Town continued with an exquisite wine and chocolate pairing at the beautiful Groot Constantia, the oldest wine-producing farm in South Africa. Like a diamond, chocolate is associated with love, happiness and indulgence. The wine along with the unique pairing of chocolates reminded us of the extraordinary feeling you have once you find ‘the one’. We experienced the unique flavours and notes that come to life with each wine tasting. At Shimansky, we believe that the true magic of the jewellery creations starts at the time the wearer falls hopelessly in love with a design. The exquisite and decadent wine and chocolate pairing is a reminder of the remarkable connection between a Shimansky exclusive and the receiver of the diamond.

After experiencing the mind-blowing explosion of flavours we enjoyed a delicious variety of canapés under the beautiful fig trees. Not long after a relaxing and sunny day at Groot Constantia wine estate we were driven to the one and only Cape Town Diamond Museum. Here, we discovered the remarkable world of diamonds. For the influencers, this was truly an experience into the diamond world like they’ve never seen it before. The museum offered them an in-depth insight into the fascinating journey of a diamond and the history of the South African mining industry. The influencers from Cape Town were able to view some of the world’s most renowned diamond replicas such as the Taylor-Burton and the Cullinan Diamond. The Cape Town Diamond Museum is simply a must-see event for any Cape Town visitor.

Shimansky Diamond Day

The exquisite champagne and diamonds event ended on a high note with an exclusive welcome from the CEO and founder, Yair Shimansky at the Showroom, located at the Clock Tower Precinct. At Shimansky, our in-house craftsman explained that each rough diamond is sourced directly from the South African mine to finger. Each Shimansky creation is designed to celebrate the unforgettable milestones we celebrate in life such as anniversaries, birthdays and important moments in your life. One, being a remarkable engagement your significant other will be able to cherish for many years to come.

Shimansky is home to unique patented diamond cuts and signature diamond jewellery designs. These unique creations are truly different by design and are all exclusive to Shimansky. From the original My Girl diamond to the one-of-a-kind iconic Millennium diamond ring, Shimansky offers a variety of creations suitable for every occasion. View our extraordinary gift guide for that forever gift this festive season.


The remarkable champagne and diamonds event is a true reminder of the special bond we have with one of nature’s most desirable creations. Let your love take flight, enjoy the special bond you share and celebrate the feeling with diamonds.




An Atlantico Scenic Flight at Cape Town Helicopters is truly a remarkable experience. The spectacular trip over the Atlantic Coast is an extraordinary sight and an experience you and your loved ones will never forget. Like a helicopter ride, a remarkable journey with your significant other starts with a smooth take off before they spontaneously whisk you away on a beautiful adventure. Let your love take flight with a unique proposal and exclusive masterpiece from Shimansky. For more inspiration on how to give your significant other butterflies view our variety of exquisite diamond engagement rings. Better yet, plan a romantic proposal that starts with a ‘bucket list’ trip over the Mother City and ends with a breathtakingly beautiful creation from Shimansky. Life is precious, make every second count.

Shimansky Diamond Day


There’s nothing more spectacular than finding the love of your life and deciding to spend the rest of your life together as a couple. The two of you simply go together like champagne and diamonds; a truly unique pairing. Celebrate the exclusive connection you share with one another with a mind-blowing and mouth-watering wine and chocolate pairing at the Groot Constantia wine estate. Let the special chocolate creation together with the Constantia wines remind you of the spectacular unit you share as a couple. Indulge in the rich flavours of the chocolate along with a remarkable glass of wine and see how the unique flavours come to life. Like the decadent tasting, we at Shimansky believe each and every couple is different in their own way. Design your very own diamond ring to suit your significant other’s unique personality and style.

Shimansky Diamond Day


A solid foundation of any relationship starts with a strong bond between two people; the connection they share develops from the past and continues into the future. Like a diamond, the love you have for one another is truly unique. No two diamonds are ever the same, and like your relationship, it’s one of life’s treasures that are made to last a lifetime. Cherish the remarkable history of a diamond on a Shimansky Diamond Experience Tour and find out exactly why a diamond is considered a forever gift for that forever person.

Every woman deserves to start her day with champagne and end it off with diamonds. Spoil your significant other this festive season with a once in a lifetime helicopter trip over Cape Town, accompanied by a mind-blowing chocolate and wine pairing at Groot Constantia wine estate. End the spectacular day off with a remarkable creation from Shimansky; the ultimate forever gift for that forever person. View our exclusive gift guide for inspiration.

Shimansky Diamond Day