What is self-care?

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

This International Women’s Day 2020 we encourage women around the world to practice the art of self-love. But, how and what exactly does that mean? Taking care of yourself first means creating lasting good-for-you habits that changes “me-time” into a lifestyle. So, start the process of self-love by celebrating yourself (and other women) this month through easy yet lasting life changes – and all in the name of better health and inner wealth! Here are five ways to do so and why they are worth the investment.

1. Move to improve

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

There’s nothing quite like an adventurous hike up Table Mountain – not only is the scenery incredibly beautiful but being outdoors can improve your mood as well as your health. To practice the art of self-love, arrange a trip up Table Mountain with a group of close friends.

The natural wonder, Table Mountain makes for the perfect energetic hike in a splendid environment. For spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean below and a chance to see some truly lovely indigenous fynbos we suggest the Pipe Track route. And once you’ve completed this 90 minutes to three-hour hike (dependent on your fitness level), seek out some natural beauty of a different kind with a striking keepsake, such as the iconic Table Mountain Ring, to capture the memories of your adventure around Cape Town’s mountain marvel.

2. Explore your surrounds

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

This month spoil yourself with an unforgettable wine experience. Take a trip to one of the Stellenbosch winelands’ most beautiful estates, Lanzerac. Instead of booking for a normal wine tasting, enhance your day with a new experience. Lanzerac’s wine and chocolate tastings mean a distinctive sampling of five premium wines, perfectly paired with a selection of artisanal chocolates. After the unique pairing, stroll through the farm – positioned in the scenic Jonkershoek valley – and enjoy the beauty of endless vineyards and charming country gardens.

3. Up and away

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

Self-care is all about putting yourself first. Do this by exploring exciting new activities you never have time for, like an exhilarating helicopter ride over Cape Town. Discover a variety of helicopter trips when you visit the V&A Waterfront. Choose from the popular flight over the full Peninsula to a scenic flight to Robben Island (and many more). The scenic views are truly spectacular and will make you feel on top of the world.

4. From Me to Me

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

When Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw famously asks a friend (in the episode entitled “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”) to replace a pair of stolen designer shoes from a baby shower, she’s met with the curt response: “I really don’t think we should have to pay for your extravagant lifestyle.” Stunned, Carrie estimates that, in total, she has spent $23,000 (over R350, 000) on travel and gifts to attend the weddings and baby showers of others - and no one bats an eye. But as a single woman, there’s been no monetary aid from her friends to support her life choices. In the end, Carrie announces that she is getting married to herself and is registered at a designer shoe store. She has only one thing on the registry — the lost shoes — and her friends buy them for her.

Moral of the story, single or not, don’t wait for others to celebrate you. Commemorate your value with a special piece of jewellery that you adore. Shimansky has a standout celebration collection from sparkling diamond pendants to bluest of Tanzanite, to the striking white diamond panther ring to the heritage My Africa collection – diamond jewellery creations are all about celebrating and expressing yourself as a woman.

5. Time out

A Woman’s Guide to Self-Care | Shimansky

When in doubt, take time out. If all else fails, even an hour to yourself – or shared with someone you need to connect with – can uplift your spirit. And while having this essential downtime, allow yourself to relax with a luxurious spa experience. Visit a luxurious spa on one of Cape Town’s wine estates for a skilled massages or pedicure and manicure.

Celebrate you and your inner wellbeing this International Women’s Day 2020 and life’s special moments with unforgettable experiences and iconic jewellery creation you can treasure for many more years to come. Let us guide you on the art of self-love. Visit a Shimansky store near you.

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