Christmas is the Most Popular Day to Get Engaged – But is it a Good Idea?

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky


Over a third of all men in the western world think that Christmas is the perfect day to get engaged. And as a result, for the past decade, more Facebook status updates to ‘Engaged’ have happened over the holidays than the whole rest of the year put together. So men think that this is a great idea – but do women agree? Well, in a word, no. Nearly 85% of women would much rather accept a marriage proposal at any other time of year, than Christmas. How did this all get so mixed up?

Of course, we believe that any engagement is a cause for celebration, no matter what day of the year it is. And before you decide the actual day of your marriage proposal, it’s probably best to get the diamond engagement ring selected first. That’s the complicated bit, and we are here to help you. Do your homework on everything diamond-related so you can make an informed choice, and we will help you take care of the rest.

The experienced Shimansky consultants in our Shimansky showrooms will gladly assist you with your wedding proposal and help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for the occasion. Visit a showroom to choose an iconic Shimansky diamond ring design that suits your love.

But whether you go for the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring or more contemporary iconic designs, getting your timing right is crucial. So is Christmas the perfect day to get engaged? Let’s find out below:

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky

Christmas is a Festive Time

Despite the fact that Christmas is the most popular day to propose marriage to your love, it’s also considered to be one of the most stressful days in the year. With plenty of other reasons to celebrate and an unusually high number of family members to keep calm and peaceful, Christmas can already be more than enough, without also adding a marriage proposal to the list. In time, the day you got engaged might fade under the weight of Christmas itself, and you will have lost a wonderful opportunity to reminisce and remember the moment it all began.

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky

A Diamond Engagement Ring as a Christmas Gift

If you do insist on doing your marriage proposal at Christmas time, remember to always have a another Christmas gift under the tree as well. You can’t have the love of your life thinking you couldn’t come up with a Christmas gift, so you just got an engagement ring instead.

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky

Marriage Proposals In Front of Family

One of the strongest reasons why Christmas is the most popular day to get engaged, is the presence of family. Not only can they feel like they are a part of this special moment, but you can also tell everyone your great news at once, around the Christmas lunch table, without anyone feeling left out because they weren’t your first phone call. Unfortunately it also comes with added pressure. No one wants to be put on the spot in front of their family. The moment of presenting that carefully considered diamond engagement ring and asking for a hand in marriage, really should just be between the two of you. Quiet, intimate, with no external pressure. And that, unfortunately, is impossible at Christmas time.

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky

Christmas is a Romantic Time

It’s easy to get swept up in the magic of Christmas. It’s filled with festivities and memorable moments. The romance of watching the Christmas lights come on, or the latest Christmas-themed romantic comedy on Netflix, can get anyone in the mood for a lifetime of magical memories. Research shows that most of the Christmas marriage proposals are ‘surprises’ which men want to make. And we certainly enjoy spontaneity and romance, but we suggest that you wait until you’ve had time to discuss your future with your loved one.

Are Christmas Marriage Proposals a Good Idea? | Shimansky

So If Not at Christmas, Then When Should I Propose?

Anytime other than Christmas is a good time to present a diamond engagement ring to your love, but here are some guidelines:

  • If you must propose marriage on a holiday, make it Valentine’s Day. It is the day most women would choose for a marriage proposal, if they had to choose a holiday
  • An excellent day for a good wedding proposal is the anniversary of the day you met – possibly also in the same place, if it is quiet and romantic. This will keep this memory alive over the years and bring you great joy on reflection. It’s also meaningful to both of you – and shows your partner that you are paying attention.
  • A random day is possibly the perfect day to get engaged. Make a new day for your memory banks. Imbue it with love and care and joy, and celebrate for all the years to come.

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