March 21 has been marked to celebrate International Colour Day. What is colour day? In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to marvel at one of the most influential phenomena in our lives – the colour that saturates our world. Let’s feast our eyes on the stones that add colour and sparkle to our fingers, wrists and necklines – the warm shimmer of the yellow diamond and the spellbinding hue of tanzanite blue – the colour of royalty. We explore carats in colour, from yellow diamond rings and tanzanite earrings to yellow diamond bracelets and tanzanite rings.

We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom and browse the Shimansky Ayanda – The Queen of Tanzanite collection featuring mesmerising blue tanzanite creations and our Fancy Yellow Diamond Collection.

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International Colour Day (ICD) celebrates one of the most influential phenomena in humans’ lives – colour. Colour is one of the channels that contribute most greatly to our perception of reality and of beauty. It is for this reason that the Portuguese Colour Association proposed International Colour Day to the International Colour Association as a day to be celebrated in 2008.

The significance of the date, March 21, is fascinating. Equinox is on March 21, when the night and day are approximately equally long. The choice of this date symbolically relates to the complementary nature of light and darkness. Light is significant, seeing that colour reaches the eye by way of light. Coincidentally, light is also the element that brings out the sparkle in diamonds and illuminates the hues of coloured stones, which makes this day the perfect time to appreciate the beauty of coloured diamonds and other vivid precious stones.


A Fancy Yellow diamond is a truly exquisite natural phenomenon. They have so many facets that add to their extraordinary beauty, which put them among the most highly sought-after stones in the world.

But what is a yellow diamond?

A natural Fancy Yellow diamond, also known as a Canary Diamond, has a bright, warm, vivid tone as radiant as the African sun. The element that is responsible for a yellow diamond’s captivating colour is nitrogen. This trace element interacts with carbon atoms during the creation of the diamond, causing the magnificent golden colour.

Is a yellow diamond more expensive?

A query that often presents itself is: “How much is a yellow diamond ring?” or “How much is a yellow diamond worth?” To shed some light on the subject – natural Fancy Yellow diamonds are extremely valuable. The simple reason for their high value is their rarity. For every 1,000 white diamonds mined, only 1 Fancy Yellow diamond is found.

Another factor to consider when matching engagement rings to wedding rings, is the width of the band. The general rule of thumb is that the wedding ring should be the same width as the engagement ring. For example, although a solitaire engagement ring has plenty of sparkle, it can easily be overshadowed if set next to a wide, clunky wedding band. In this case, a narrow pavé band will be a much better choice as it will add to the brilliance of the diamond without detracting from it.

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The Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond collection captures the awe-inspiring beauty of these rare stones in a range of iconic designs. The collection features an eye-catching range of pieces, hand-crafted with various diamond cuts and shapes that maximise the yellow diamond’s natural brilliance

Meticulously crafted to perfection, each creation encapsulates the rare beauty of the yellow diamond. We invite you to feast your eyes… Whether you love the fiery sparkle of a yellow diamond engagement ring, the striking radiance of a yellow diamond necklace, the shining allure of yellow diamond earrings, or the glittery elegance of a yellow diamond bracelet – we have that special creation that is sure to catch your eye and fill your world with wondrous light and colour.

World Colour Day | Shimansky


One thousand times more rare than a diamond, the rarest gem known to man, tanzanite is truly an exceptional gemstone. Only found along a 4km strip of land in Tanzania, which is the only known source in the world, tanzanite is one of the most highly sought-after gems on the planet.

Adding to its extreme rarity is its spellbinding deep, rich colour – tanzanite blue – a hue so magnificent it’s almost hypnotizing to the eye.

But what is tanzanite?

Tanzanite is unique in every way. It is a variety of the mineral zoisite, which is uniquely trichroic. This means that, once cut and polished, tanzanite colour displays in three different hues when viewed from each of its crystallographic axes. For this reason, it has been described as a “geological phenomenon.”

What colour is tanzanite?

Due to unique tanzanite properties – the structure of the crystals, tanzanite displays in three different colours, namely royal blue, delicate violet and hues of red.

The two most important factors considered when grading tanzanite, is colour and clarity. The tanzanite colour chart grades the gem in two colour categories – vB™ (violetish Blue) – a more blue tanzanite; and bV™ (bluish Violet) – a more purple tanzanite. Each group is graded in colour intensity – E (exceptional), V (vivid), I (intense), M (moderate), L (light) and P (pale). A richer colour means a higher tanzanite value.

Shimansky tanzanite never has a lower clarity than VVS (very, very slightly included). This means that no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye.

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The Shimansky Ayanda – The Queen of Tanzanite collection is world-renowned for its top quality and striking splendour. Shimansky tanzanite jewellery is available in a wide range of exquisite designs, including tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, tanzanite necklaces, tanzanite bracelets and tanzanite pendants.

Shimansky tanzanite is internationally certified in accordance with the Tanzanite International Grading Standard. When acquiring a Shimansky tanzanite creation you can be assured that your stone is the rarest of the rare.

Tanzanite ranges between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, therefore, tanzanite is not a gemstone we would recommend for an engagement ring. However, a tanzanite pendant, tanzanite bracelet, tanzanite earrings or a tanzanite necklace make a perfect special occasion gift.

Tanzanite is also a superb choice for an anniversary ring or dress ring. Although the month of December has been awarded the tanzanite birthstone, there is never an inappropriate time to acquire a beautifully crafted tanzanite rarity.

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We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom. Our jewellery experts will gladly show you our breath-taking collection of colour diamonds and tanzanite creations. Whether you are interested to peruse our yellow diamond rings, yellow diamond earrings, or it’s perhaps a one-of-a-kind rose gold tanzanite ring that catches your eye, you are certain to find the perfect Shimansky creation that will bring colour and vibrancy to your world.