Christmas Gift Ideas for the People in Your Life Who Already Have Everything

Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky

In some research conducted last year, it was revealed that an estimated quarter of all people were unhappy with some - or all - of the Christmas gifts that they received. With the Tuesday of the second week of January highlighted by courier companies around the world as “returns day” the bulk of unwanted Christmas gifts – up to 12% of all gifts received – are returned to stores. Another 8% are donated to charity, and an unknown number just get pushed to the back of a cupboard or re-gifted to someone else.

In this highly consumerist society, it’s hard to find meaningful and unusual Christmas gifts for your loved ones – especially when you also spoil them all year long. So we have compiled a list of five of the most unusual Christmas gift ideas for 2019 – both large and small. We hope you find some ideas amongst this diverse selection.


Diamonds are a timeless gift idea – and the experienced Shimansky consultants in our showrooms are always happy to give you diamond jewellery suggestions for the most meaningful Christmas gifts. Visit a showroom to choose the perfect gift for all your loved ones.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky


The night sky is full of wonder and is always fascinating. In the hot summer months of a southern hemisphere Christmas, it’s easy to get outside and watch out for shooting stars and identify the famous constellations, like the Southern Cross. But if you are in a big city or if the clouds come over, this experience can be spoilt. A fantastic and unusual Christmas gift idea for 2019 - aimed at both old and young who love to see the stars – is a Star Projector. Set it up in a bedroom or the family room where everyone can lie down and watch the stars move across the sky.

To add to the moment spend with family, a diamond jewellery gift from the exclusive Shimansky Southern Cross Collection would be an ideal companion gift for the Star Projector. The Southern Cross is made up of some of the brightest stars in the galaxy and the wonder of this formation is perfectly captured in this collection of diamond jewellery.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky


When choosing a gift for someone you love for Christmas 2019, you want to be assured that they will cherish it forever. Why not get something that will last a lifetime and become even more valuable in years to come?

Tanzanite, a rare beauty that varies from blue to violet and purple in colour, has been recognised as a must-have heirloom and statement jewellery piece. Because tanzanite is only found in a 4km strip of land near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, this precious gemstone is rare and in very limited supply. Geologists believe that in the next 8 to 10 years no more tanzanite will be found. So, not only is tanzanite one of the rarest gemstones in the world, even more so than diamonds, but it’s also a symbol of good luck, prosperity and new beginnings – making it the perfect gift to celebrate the festive season and a fresh start the new year brings.

 Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky


The most unusual Christmas gift ideas for 2019 are definitely experiences. When you give an experience, you give unique memories for life. If you are in Cape Town over Christmas 2019, we strongly recommend you visit the Cape Town Diamond Museum and the Rockwell Diamond Experience. Both experiences are unique to Cape Town and are experiences that will never be forgotten. Book your personally guided tour today

Another experience to consider is a drive down the coast to see the magnificent penguins and then on to the tip of Africa at Cape Point – where the weather conditions make it seem that the warm seas of the Indian Ocean and the cold water of the Atlantic crash into each other – is a never-to-be-forgotten experience that will bring loved ones closer together.

You can celebrate this experience with a treasured memento like the exclusive Tip of Africa ring from the Shimansky My Africa collection. Now that is an unusual Christmas gift idea for 2019 that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky


This is a great 2019 Christmas gift choice for millennials; those aged 23 – 38. We recommend that you identify a charity that your loved one is particularly passionate about – and ask them how you can donate in the name of your gift recipient. Not only will this bring great meaning and assistance to the charity, it will also make you feel good about your gift – and shows thought and consideration for your gift recipient. This is what is meant by ‘tidings of great joy’ at Christmas time.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019 | Shimansky


Whilst it is not an unusual Christmas gift idea, you can never go wrong with diamond jewellery. Our 100% ethically sourced diamonds and can really surprise your loved one on Christmas morning as they unwrap their gifts. There is something beautifully dramatic about diamond rings, earrings and pendants and they are guaranteed to bring joy for many years. View our unique Christmas Gift Guide 2019 and feel inspired this festive season.

For the men who have everything, the most fun and unusual way to adorn them for Christmas 2019, is by presenting them with a gift from our Max-line collection. These unique platinum creations are simply a gift he will never forget. Explore the story of the Max-line collection here.

If you really are planning an unforgettable Christmas gift for 2019 of diamond jewellery, you may want to involve your loved one in the selection or even design of the creation. If you do, be sure to make an appointment to visit Shimansky for your bespoke personal consultation on what diamond jewellery creation would suit your style. We look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms.