Shimmering diamond jewellery has a magnetic pull, even more so when they are on the season’s must-have list. If you are curious about jewellery trending now, keep reading. The jewellery trends for 2020 have plenty to offer – whether you want to be an early adopter of the latest fashions or breathe new life into your jewellery collection. Get insights into the latest trends – from the most popular diamond necklaces to the season’s must-have earrings and the stronger-than-ever mismatched earrings trend. We imagine you will be head over heels in love with these 2020 jewellery trends.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


Jewellery trends for 2020 place a great emphasis on earrings. Earrings are sold in pairs, but as we have seen, they don’t have to be worn that way. This year, the single earring trend has been taken to the next level on the runways. From oversized single hoops to statement earrings, so long and exaggerated, that they simply couldn’t be missed.

Like single earrings, the mismatched earrings trend inspires one of this season’s hottest looks, while leaving ample room for creativity. How do you own this look? Asymmetric earrings mean different things to different women. It might be a pair that was created to showcase their mismatched beauty or simply wearing one earring of two different pairs together. To make this trend work, consider contrasting scale, texture, shapes, gemstones and metals for a distinctive look. An understated, classic diamond stud quietly shining next to a dazzling over-the-top dangling earring to balance it out will create a striking look. Regardless of how you interpret the latest earring trends, ‘ear bling’ gives you the freedom to play and create a style that is truly yours.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


The past decade has seen a rise in travel – a wanderlust phenomenon. In 2020, a big trend is to showcase your passion for travelling by wearing a token that reminds you of time spent abroad or a creation that brings back beautiful memories of home. The exclusive Shimansky Table Mountain Ring and Tip of Africa Ring are the perfect keepsakes for wonderful moments spent in Cape Town and South Africa, both pieces are uniquely crafted with South Africa’s finest metals and ethically sourced diamonds, which can be treasured for years to come.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


The orb shape features strongly in the latest necklace trends and trending diamond rings. From Milan to Paris, the Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week runways were lit up by a variety of spherical jewellery designs inspired by everything – from planetary shapes, magical crystal balls and sparkly Christmas ornaments. These trending designs, taking shape in lockets and long drop earrings and pendants, represent the next phase of the evolving geometric jewellery craze. Smooth, uniform, rounded shapes are replacing sharp, hard edges and angles, resulting in a softer, more refined statement.

The orb is a shape that suits any style or occasion. If you want to incorporate this trendy shape into your look this season, Shimansky has a variety of jewellery designs in line with this striking 2020 jewellery trend. This beautiful orb-shaped Shimansky Black Diamond Pavé Ring, uniquely set with 257 diamonds with a total of 4.03ctw, is created to make a statement. Another enchanting creation that echoes this trend is the Shimansky Dancing Tanzanite Pendant featuring a round brilliant tanzanite with a unique setting allowing the tanzanite to move and capture the light with every movement the wearer makes – constantly sparkling, much like a star in the galaxy.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


As engagement rings become more and more alternative, so is the everyday jewellery women are choosing to wear. The latest necklace trends dictate that bigger is better. There has never been a better time for the confident woman to make a statement with a bold, oversized jewellery piece.

If you are in search of an audacious statement piece to create a look that is in line with jewellery trends for 2020, the Shimansky Round Tanzanite Ring might be the perfect choice. This bold piece contains an eye-catching 11.32ct round tanzanite claw set in 18K white and yellow gold with round brilliant diamonds channel set into the side of the shank. Alternatively, consider the Shimansky Black Diamond Round Halo Ring created with a breath-taking round black diamond with a carat weight of 5.04ct, set in 18K rose gold.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


Moving away from the expected, the latest trends in women’s jewellery place a premium on personalisation. As such, unique design features such as special-cut diamonds or engraving are highly sought after when it comes to the latest trending jewellery. At Shimansky, the focus placed on personalisation in diamond jewellery trends for 2020 is translated into a rich array of diamond shapes and cuts, at the very heart of which sit beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced Shimansky diamonds.

Selecting one of our internationally patented diamond cuts, such as the Brilliant 10 diamond featuring 71 facets, or the My Girl diamond, the world’s first square cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table, is an elegant way of making this trend your own. Engraving a secret message on your jewellery piece can elevate your jewellery to signify more than just a trend.

Must-Have Pieces for This Year | Shimansky


What are your favourite jewellery trends for 2020? From experience, we know that diamonds don’t need to be over the top to catch all of the attention. Whether your personal take on accessorising is classic and understated or extravagant and bold, Shimansky has a variety of top jewellery designs for 2020 that will elevate your style and confidence. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom where our diamond experts will be delighted to guide you in selecting an iconic creation that will be treasured now, and for many years to come.