Although shape is not one of the four C’s that determine the value and quality of a diamond, it is another personal and very important visual factor to consider when purchasing diamond jewellery.

Shimansky Diamond Shapes 101


It’s easy to confuse the shape with the cut of a diamond – the diamond shape refers to its actual form, whereas the cut refers more specifically to its ability to reflect light. You may have a round-shaped diamond that reflects light beautifully, and another that has a lesser ability to reflect light – this is determined by the proportions of the facets and angles that have been cut and has little to do with the round shape.

That said, the shape also affects the diamond’s overall brilliance and ultimate beauty, which like all great loves, is in the eye of the beholder.


By far the most popular shape, 75% of diamonds sold globally are Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. Its prevalence can be attributed to a few reasons, such the versatile shape of this diamond which looks beautiful in most jewellery settings and can either stand alone as a striking centre piece or be set alongside other diamonds or precious gems. Another reason is that most rough diamonds are octahedronal and shaped in such a way that two round brilliant cut diamonds can be yielded with the least amount of crystal lost, so there are more Round Brilliant Cut diamonds available than any other shape. The Round Brilliant Diamond and the Princess (the 2nd most popular shape) are also both favourites because they reflect light beautifully.

Shimansky Diamond Shapes 101

In the interests of producing the best quality diamonds, rough diamonds which are not symmetrically formed or have obscurely positioned inclusions are often cut into exquisite “fancy” shapes, such as a heart, marquise or pear shaped-diamond.


Industry pioneers like Shimansky have the expertise, skills and resources at hand that have allowed them to take traditional diamond shapes and modify them to create their own diamond cuts, which are extremely exclusive and distinctively unique.

For example the Shimansky Brilliant 10™ is a round diamond with 71 facets which phenomenally reflects up to 25% more light than the traditional 58 faceted Round Brilliant Cut and is officially the most brilliant diamond in the world.

The My Girl Diamond is another patented Shimansky cut which is the world’s first square diamond with a diamond-shaped table. It’s cut off corners and shorter facets give the My Girl Diamond a lighter, less shadowy appearance than the Princess Cut with a greater ability to reflect light with every movement.

Shimansky Diamond Shapes 101


Ultimately the diamond and ring design you choose should be based on the way you feel every time you look at it.

That said, there are certain diamonds that best enhance certain hand shapes. A pear, oval or marquise-shaped diamond set in a thin band elongates and adds elegance to shorter fingers, whereas My Girl, Cushion or Princess Cut will make long fingers appear more petite.

Delicate settings and narrow shapes like the emerald cut work beautifully with slender hands, whereas heart shapes are flattering for larger fingers.

While a round shape diamond is suited to most hands, it’s a good idea to try on a variety of styles and shapes before settling on one that you love to look at on your finger.