This weekend, people around the world will be joining a global community in turning out their lights for Earth Hour to raise awareness about the need to take action for climate change.

Will you be joining them?

Shimansky, the brand that celebrates special moments and brings you fire and scintillation in the finest diamond jewellery, will be giving over 100 of their employees two candles each, encouraging them to turn off their lights on Saturday 23 March from 20:30 -21:30, and enjoy quality time with loved ones over dinner by candlelight.

“In the busy world we live in, 60 minutes by candlelight with friends and family is a moment to enjoy not only for the pleasure it brings, but also for its symbolic purpose: concern for the environment,” says Yair Shimansky, CEO of Shimansky Jewellers.

What’s more, the labels on these candles are printed on what is considered to be the most environmentally friendly paper in the world, scoring 98/100 on the WWF paper scoreboard. This 100% recycled paper is manufactured in such a way that it requires just one tenth of the energy used to produce virgin fibre paper, making it virtually carbon-neutral.

Shimansky Earth Hour

What will you be doing this Earth Hour?