Yair Shimansky invites you to delve deep into the world of French artist and scissor extraordinaire, Henri Matisse whose famous oceanic cut-out collage has been the inspiration behind our latest store design concept.

Be transported to the seaside with Matisse’s painted art sheets which he cut into varying shapes and sizes to mimic the ocean. This striking art piece is a play on colours and contrast, using decorative strategies to create something so unique that it leaves you mesmerised like an iconic Shimansky creation.

Matisse was famous for finding his own style, creating breath taking art pieces, much like Yair Shimansky, who spent three years developing the My Girl ® diamond, the first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table in the world. Matisse’s lifelong journey in Fauvism and the magical crossing into cut-outs is representative of what Shimansky stands for; everlasting commitment.

Indulge in what can only be explained as “unsurpassed art”, much like our diamond jewellery. Peer to Matisse, it takes years of experience and required mastery to create any Shimansky piece that is worthy enough to capture your hearts forever.

Join Shimansky’s artistic venture as we share our world, combining colours and cuts that reminds us to forever strive for fire, brilliance and scintillation in our diamond creations, just like a piece of art.

Shimansky for the love of art