Help him buy you the perfect diamond engagement ring

Shimansky Engagement Ring

Are things between you and your significant other getting rather serious? If so, you’re probably excited about the prospect that he might pop the question any day now. He may have extraordinary taste, but it's not always a given that you'll receive your dream diamond engagement ring. Not to worry!

Make sure you get the ring you’ve always hoped for with these five simple tips:

Shop for an engagement ring together

Shimansky Engagement Ring

If your partner sees himself as a traditionalist and believes your ring should be a surprise, go ‘window shopping’ and help point him in the right direction. If the unknown leaves you feeling anxious, set a date to visit a jewellery store with your significant other to go shopping for a ring.

There are two ways to do this; you could either show interest in a ring you’ve seen in a window or you could be bold and formally organise for an appointment at Shimansky.

Give him an image of the ring

If you know exactly what you want when it comes to the cut, setting and style of your engagement ring, you could drop a hint by using pictures. The trick to this is subtlety. We suggest you leave an image of your favourite style ring open on either your laptop or your phone.

Another option is to create a beautiful Pinterest board showing your preferred choices from your jeweller, or simply to point out a beautiful design in a magazine. The picture route works best once you and your loved one have discussed the possibility of getting married. If you haven’t had the conversation, the thought of you showing him rings might make him feel a bit uncomfortable.



Drop subtle hints in conversation

Shimansky Engagement Ring

This type of hint is for the person who might have an idea of what they really want, but they would still like the proposal to be a surprise. Mention what style, diamond shape and ring setting you prefer by casually having the conversation with him. If you would like to drop a more subtle hint, have a discussion about your friends or family members' rings. Tell him what you like and dislike about their rings; hopefully, by doing this he will have a clear understanding of what style ring you prefer.

Send a family member of friend with him

If you see yourself as a traditionalist and you rather prefer him to do the research, tell a close friend or family member. If there’s a specific ring style that you prefer, show a few examples to a close friend or family member. When the time is right, the people close to you will be able to send the message across to your significant other. Make sure you prepare friends or family members with a series of Pinterest messages and pictures before confidently sending them to speak to your future husband.

Design an engagement ring together

Shimansky Engagement Ring

This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your significant other to design a ring that you both love and appreciate. Start the conversation by telling your future husband that you would like to have a custom design ring if he ever plans to propose. Suggest that you’re open to the idea of designing a ring together. Makes sure he has a say in the details of the ring. At Shimansky we encourage you to bring your own design and choose your own diamond to be part of the creation. Our team of designers will happily guide you through the process. At the end of the designing process, you can opt to see the ring or discover the final piece once he proposes. By not viewing the ring it will still remain a surprise.

There’s nothing more spectacular than that special moment when your loved one decides to propose. Your engagement ring will always remind you of this occasion and symbolise the love you share, so make sure it's the "one". With these helpful hints, you would be able to steer him in the right direction in no time. For more advice, visit a diamond expert at your nearest Shimansky store. They will be more than happy to assist!