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Engagements and weddings are meaningful milestones steeped in tradition, and it never hurts to know a little ring etiquette. Of course, we have all the answers for you - from matching engagement rings to wedding bands according to the latest engagement ring trends for 2019 and how to wear your engagement ring and wedding band after marriage, to selecting the perfect engagement jewellery and wedding ring accessories, how to wear small rings, how to make an engagement ring look bigger, the best nail colour to show off your engagement ring and even tips on how to make your engagement ring sparkle.

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Having a gorgeous new engagement ring on your finger is a wonderful feeling. As you get used to the sensation of wearing a ring on a previously naked ring finger, you may want to start gathering style inspiration and guidelines on how to show off your engagement ring.

The first rule when it comes to engagement jewellery is to put the focus on your beautiful new ring. To achieve this, it’s best not to wear any additional rings on other fingers of your left hand. This way, nothing will distract the eyes of admiring friends from the main event – your shimmering new diamond engagement ring.

When pairing other jewellery pieces with your engagement ring it’s a good idea to select pieces to accentuate the creation rather than outshine it. Following this guideline, you may, for example, wear an elegant bracelet or pendant with your engagement ring. However, keep in mind that different engagement ring styles allow for slightly different approaches to engagement jewellery. Although stacking and mixing metals have become popular engagement ring trends, the accompanying piece should ideally feature one element that is common to your engagement ring to create a planned, cohesive look, whether it is the colour stone or colour metal.

The same rule applies when it comes to wedding ring accessories. Since your wedding jewellery is quintessential in completing your bridal look, it’s important to select pieces that will not only complement your engagement ring and wedding band style but also flatter the style and finish of your wedding gown. Our Wedding Jewellery Ideas and Tips have plenty of helpful guidelines in creating the perfect bridal look.

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As your wedding day draws closer it’s time to start thinking about both you and your significant other’s wedding rings – the symbolic bands that will reflect your enduring love and commitment through the journey of marriage. Finding the perfect wedding band for her might be a little trickier than selecting the groom’s ring as hers will be worn alongside the engagement ring. But with so many wedding band styles to choose from at Shimansky you will definitely find a ring that perfectly complements the engagement ring. An important factor to consider is how the engagement ring fits together with the wedding band. Engagement ring styles with intricate shapes may require wedding bands designed specifically for them. However, whether you want your wedding band to sit flush against your engagement ring is a matter of personal taste

Many brides ask the question: “do wedding bands have to match engagement rings?” This may depend on what you regard as “match”. Traditionally, the wedding band’s metal matched that of the engagement ring. However, engagement ring trends for 2019 allow a little more flexibility and freedom. When matching engagement rings to wedding bands, an increasing number of brides are mixing metals and experimenting with sizes, stone colours and styles, which makes for more creative wedding rings and bridal sets.

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Another factor to consider when matching engagement rings to wedding rings, is the width of the band. The general rule of thumb is that the wedding ring should be the same width as the engagement ring. For example, although a solitaire engagement ring has plenty of sparkle, it can easily be overshadowed if set next to a wide, clunky wedding band. In this case, a narrow pavé band will be a much better choice as it will add to the brilliance of the diamond without detracting from it.

The width of the band is also significant when it comes to the appearance of the size of the diamond. Many brides opt for wedding bands that make the engagement ring look bigger. The answer to the question of how to wear small rings, or rings with smaller diamonds, can be found in selecting the correct band style. A delicate, narrow band for both the engagement ring and wedding ring will put the focus on the diamond. To amplify this effect, consider an engagement band that tapers towards the diamond. Emphasizing the stone is key to knowing how to show off your engagement ring, and diamond, with flair.


One of the most fun ways of flattering your engagement ring is pairing it with a sensational nail polish. Glamorous golds and warm metallics are striking, especially when worn with Natural Fancy Yellow diamonds. Capturing the warmth of the African sun, these exquisite gems shine with a blinding brilliance when paired with a shimmering nail polish.

Brides who like to make a fashion statement may opt for a nail polish in any shade of coral. The colour living coral, a sultry shade of pinkish orange that has been named the Pantone colour of the year 2019, pairs beautifully with rose gold diamond creations.

Of course, graceful neutral colours will never go out of fashion and many brides will agree that the best manicure to show off your engagement ring is still the classic, go-to French manicure.

So what is the best nail polish to show off your engagement ring and accentuate your dazzling diamond? Whether you prefer a pop of colour or a timeless pastel tone, nail polish is a great way of enhancing your creation and making sure your diamond engagement ring looks its absolute best.

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It is customary for brides to receive two rings: an engagement ring, the promise of marriage, before the wedding and a wedding band that solidifies the promise during the ceremony. We often get asked questions around this tradition and the correct way to wear a wedding band and engagement ring. Some of the most popular questions brides ask us include:

· Do you wear your engagement ring to your wedding? · Where do you wear your wedding band and engagement ring during the wedding? · Where do you wear your engagement ring after marriage? · Can you wear your wedding band instead of your engagement ring after the wedding?

Let’s start with the basics – how do you wear your wedding band and engagement ring? Do you wear your engagement ring first or wedding band first?

The etiquette around this question originates from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who believed that the “Vera Amoris” blood vein ran from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. For this reason, the wedding ring, which symbolises the couple’s commitment, was worn at the base of the finger, closest to the heart, and the engagement ring in the second position.

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So the answer to the question of how to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring is simple: It is customary for the wedding ring to be worn on the left hand’s ring finger in the first position (closest to the heart) with the engagement ring in the second position. Of course, the hand on which the wedding ring is worn can differ from countries, cultures, and religions too.

Now, the question remains: Can you wear your wedding band instead of your engagement ring after the wedding? Yes, indeed. Some women decide to wear only their wedding ring, especially if they do a lot of hands-on work that can potentially damage the engagement ring setting or where the ring can easily snag. Another option is to wear your wedding ring on your left hand and your engagement ring on your right (or vice versa).

This brings us to the questions around the wedding. Do you wear your engagement ring to your wedding? And if you do, where do you wear your wedding band and engagement ring on this special day?

There are actually two options for how to wear your wedding band and engagement ring during the ceremony. The bride can either place her engagement ring on her right ring finger until after the ceremony or she can simply leave the engagement ring on the left ring finger and switch the rings to the correct order afterwards. Both options are common and the way in which the engagement ring and wedding band are worn during the wedding comes down to a matter of preference.


An engagement ring is more than a beautiful piece of jewellery. It’s a symbol of your love and commitment to each other and should be treated with care and respect.

Over time, rings will pick up oils and dirt, which will dull their shine. Depending on how long the bride has already worn her engagement ring it might be a good idea to have it cleaned before the wedding day to restore its beautiful showroom lustre. After all, the ring needs to sparkle for the pictures!

Cleaning and caring for your diamond rings and fine jewellery is easy and doing this at home involves only a few basic household items, including a mild, organic dish detergent, a little warm water, a new toothbrush with soft bristles, and a soft, clean microfiber cloth. However, we recommend letting our trained professionals take care of that as they will not only restore your ring’s original showroom sparkle, but check the setting for any wear or damage and make sure the diamond remains secure. Shimansky clients get a lifetime complimentary cleaning service on their jewellery.

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Whether you are in search of an engagement ring, his and hers wedding bands, engagement jewellery or wedding accessories, at Shimansky you will find a creation that speaks to your heart.

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