New York Jewellery Week 2019

Shimansky Jewellery is participating at New York Jewellery Week 2019

Shimansky is participating at New York Jewellery Week 2019 that will take place on 18 – 24 November 2019. The exclusive event is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the finest works by some of the best jewellery designers in New York and from around the globe. Jewellery lovers can expect an exclusive glimpse behind the bejewelled curtain of the fascinating world of New York jewellery in the jewellery district of the world.

Another highlight on the Shimansky New York calendar is the prestigious Salon Art + Design Fair that takes place from 14 – 18 November 2019. A first for South Africa, Shimansky has been selected to join a world-class line-up of international fine jewellery design houses for an exhibition titled The Protagonist, celebrating the best in mindful and sustainable fine jewellery.

New York Jewellery Week | Shimansky

Shimansky Jewellery and Design Excellence

At the heart of the Shimansky brand lays a pioneering spirit. Every Shimansky jewellery creation is a combination of a South African treasure, the pursuit of perfection, passion, design excellence, technical precision and supreme artistry.

Testament to Shimansky’s innovation, are seven diamond cut patents. The Shimansky signature My Girl diamond cut, the first internationally patented diamond cut to originate from South Africa, has intrigued jewellery lovers from around the globe. This truly South African design is one that can only be achieved by using the very rarest of diamonds. Up to half the rough stone is sacrificed to create this spectacular cut, putting it in a class of its own among diamond jewellery in New York.

The Shimansky signature Millennium Diamond Ring is another iconic Shimansky original and patented design. Born from CEO Yair Shimansky’s precise artistic vision, the Millennium Diamond Ring features an unmistakeable design and distinguishable features that set it apart. All focus is on the diamond, which is hand-selected from a South African mine by a Shimansky expert, and cut and polished in the Shimansky workshop in Cape Town. It has become one of the world’s most highly sought-after platinum engagement rings among Shimansky’s collection of diamond jewellery.

New York Jewellery Week | Shimansky

Hand-crafted with Responsibly Sourced South African Diamonds

South Africa, with its rich heritage and cultural diversity, is home to some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and is a treasure trove of gold and platinum. Responsible and sustainable sourcing is at the heart of every Shimansky’s jewellery creation. Both diamonds and tanzanite follow a journey of mine to finger employing our respected responsible sourcing approach. Shimansky’s precious resources are mined in a natural and ethical manner within a conflict-free environment.

Shimansky South African diamonds are hand-selected from the Kimberley mines – a privilege unique among jewellers. Shimansky tanzanite is mined from a single finite vein in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro using a hammer and chisel to ensure a sustainable interaction with nature. This is why Shimansky has built a longstanding relationship to source tanzanite directly from the Maasai tribe. The unique Shimansky philosophy of sustainable, ethical sourcing puts us apart as a trusted manufacturer of ethical engagement rings in New York’s jewellery district.

New York Jewellery Week | Shimansky

Bring Your Bespoke Dream Jewellery Creation to Life

Shimansky’s bespoke jewellery design service offers the opportunity to bring your dream jewellery design to life. Working in collaboration with our team of Shimansky jewellery designers and master craftsman, you can create a custom jewellery design that truly reflects your personality and captures your unique style and taste.

Shimansky’s bespoke design service is available in the Cape Town showroom, as well as the 5th Avenue Shimansky Showroom in New York