Having been in the diamond business for over two decades we believe that an engagement ring is the most meaningful gift a man will give and a woman will receive.

To ensure that the moment when she opens that little box is as perfect as you have imagined we have five top tips for buying the ideal engagement ring:

  • Find out what her ring size is so that the engagement ring is the perfect fit. It puts an unnecessary dampener on the moment she says “Yes!” if the ring doesn’t slide onto her finger.
  • Pay close attention to her taste in jewellery. Is her style classic or contemporary? Not sure? Ask her mother, sister or friends. If you’re still unsure, you can’t go wrong with a timeless and elegant solitaire (single stone) diamond engagement ring.
  • Platinum is the only metal that doesn’t tarnish or wear thin over time, so if your budget allows, a diamond and platinum ring is the advisable choice.
  • Don’t let love cloud your judgement when it comes to budget; the amount you spend on an engagement ring is an entirely personal decision and should not put you in financial trouble.
  • When buying a diamond, remember the four C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Your diamond should have the best balance of these four elements. Don’t be swayed to choose a bigger diamond that may have obvious flaws.

View our collection of engagement rings and find the perfect ring for the perfect woman.


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