Since the production of the first Rose Gold Millennium Diamond Ring, we’ve seen this signature Shimansky original become ever so popular — and for good reason! Referred to as the ‘metal of the moment’, rose gold is both a unique and extremely beautiful pink-hued metal derived from gold (yellow) and copper (red) alloys which illuminates a natural and romantic feel. Rose gold complements almost any skin-tone, providing a subtle yet elegant appearance. It can also be worn alongside white metals (Platinum and 18k White Gold) or yellow metals (18k Yellow Gold).

The romantic rose gold metal complements the iconic Millennium Diamond Ring which perfectly captures the essence of commitment. Its two bands represent the coming together of two lives which are joined by a Shimansky diamond in the centre, becoming a symbol of forever.

5 Facts About Rose Gold

  1. The highest carat version of rose gold is 22ct, known as “crown gold.”
  2. The subtle and delicate colour you see in your rose gold jewelry today will intensify tomorrow; aging will give the piece a beautiful patina.
  3. Rose gold was popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th Century and was once known as “Russian gold.” To this day, Russian wedding rings combine yellow gold, white gold and rose gold to symbolize unity and the elements.
  4. Rose gold because popular in the 1920s, when jewelry was highly creative and vividly colourful.
  5. Rose gold is used in the crafting of jewelry, the minting of currency (for more than 5,000 years!) and the creation of some musical instruments, like the flute.


Shimansky Rose Gold Engagement Ring

* Tip: For a vibrant and fresh spring look, pair your designer rose gold millennium creation with turquoise or coral and for a classic look, match your ring with brown, pale pink or khaki.