Shimansky Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Originating from Russia in the 19th century and dubbed “Russian Gold” the world has fallen in love all over again with rose gold or pink gold, which has a timelessly feminine appeal that has given way to a rising demand for rose gold engagement rings. But don’t let its growing desirability put you off – rose gold is not a passing trend to be forgotten in time, it has recently grabbed the attention and stolen the hearts of craftsmen and jewellery lovers alike, who are adding it to their permanent mix of design must-haves.

Made from gold and a copper alloy which gives 18k rose gold its pinkish colour while having the added benefit of strengthening the metal,rose gold engagement rings have a romantic, vintage look that brings out the blush tones in the skin and compliments most skin tones.

Just like the relationship a ring should honour in its beauty, rose gold is precious, strong and forgiving, while appearing delicate on the finger. Often used as a complimentary setting for diamonds with warmer undertones, rose gold is not as flashy as white gold or yellow gold, instead softening the effect of the diamond with a gentle, understated elegance.

Rose gold also banishes the age old rule that you wouldn’t mix and match your jewellery metals together, pairing beautifully with white gold and yellow gold, sometimes even in the same jewellery creation.

With an antique look that gives rose gold jewellery a notion of exclusivity, the romantic pink metal is also synonymous with the colour of love, making rose gold engagement rings the perfect expression of the coming together of two soul mates who intend to spend their lives together.

Most of Shimansky’s rings, like the Millennium, can be made in rose gold.

Here are our top 3 Rose Gold engagement rings:

Two Hearts Engagement Ring

The Two Hearts Rose Gold Engagement Ring is a deeply significant symbol, its true meaning as pure as the undying love, exquisite passion and loyalty that is felt by two people who are destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

Featuring an exquisite round Brilliant Cut solitaire diamond embraced on either side by two hearts, its delicately set in the purest 18k rose gold, a beautiful expression of your intention to unify your lives in marriage and in love, forever.

Shimansky Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Evolym Engagement Ring With Microset Diamonds

My Love spelt backwards, the Evolym Engagement Ring is literally and symbolically a magnificent reflection of your affection and lifetime’s promise to one another echoed in a breathtaking, contemporary engagement ring design. An exclusive Shimansky creation, the unique setting unlocks the brilliance true of the diamond with a 360 degree exposure to light.

Hand-crafted to perfection by Shimansky master jewellers, Evolym Rose Gold Engagement Rings feature a scintillating Round Brilliant Cut solitaire diamond that appears perched on the simple middle rose gold band, but is secured firmly between two outer bands which glitter with exquisite microset diamonds, a firm foundation for a lifetime that is brimming with love.

Shimansky Rose Gold Diamond Rings

My Girl Halo Engagement Ring

After years of painstaking research and testing, the My Girl Diamond was born. This internationally patented Shimansky exclusive diamond cut was created with precision to reflect the light with your every movement as you journey through a life filled with loving gestures. Whether it’s a wave hello, a touch of the cheek or the signing of a love letter, the My Girl Diamond dances with joy, a beautiful reflection of your love and a constant celebration of life’s most special moments.

My Girl Halo Rose Gold Engagement Rings are gorgeously feminine and feature the My Girl Diamond as the main centre diamond, stunningly set in precious 18K rose gold. Enhancing and amplifying the diamond even further is a halo of micro-set Round Brilliant Cut diamonds which extend onto the shank, a shimmering radiance of light on a backdrop of romantic rose.

Shimansky Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Shimansky is devoted to crafting the best diamond engagement rings South Africa has to offer.