The Fascinating Stories Behind Famous Celebrity Jewellery

We all like to lust after the illustrious gems of celebrities. Rare, over-the-top jewellery worn by the rich and famous are high in value and often also rich in tales and traditions. If you are curious about the pieces that make celebrity eyes twinkle, we invite you to read on. Discover the glamorous (and sometimes not so glamorous) stories behind some of the most talked about designer diamond jewellery worn by the stars.

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The Diamond Earrings That Keep Sneaking Into Freida Pinto’s Movies

Actress Freida Pinto has a gorgeous pair of diamond bars she received as a gift from her agent. Over the years, these diamond studs have earned quite a bit of fame themselves. The actress is so fond of these sentimental pieces that she very seldomly takes them off. Consequently, they have been accidentally featuring in some of her movies and TV shows. We imagine this could be one of the most brilliant blunders of all time.

6 Fascinating Celebrity Jewellery Stories | Shimansky

Charlize Theron’s Mismatched Oscar Diamond Pendulums

When Charlize Theron made her appearance on the red carpet at the 2017 Oscars wearing a pair of mismatched pendulum earrings featuring two gigantic D-Flawless diamonds, the world was abuzz. While the mesmerizing brilliance and the jaw-dropping size of these exquisite gems were something to talk about, the story of how they were found proved to be equally fascinating. Not only could the diamonds’ origin be traced, but the exact date on which they were found and the person who stumbled upon them were also known.

The two show-stopping diamonds, one a 26.00ct heart shape and the other a 25.00ct pear shape, were cut from one single stone, a rough 342.00ct diamond, named the Queen of Kalahari. A woman named Tekolo Sethebe found the diamond in the Karowe Mine in Botswana on 12 April 2015. The woman, somewhat of a poet, said: “One thing is for sure, diamonds are a gift from God.” Although the value of these mammoth stones remains undisclosed, one thing is certain; the privilege to wear them is priceless.

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6 Fascinating Celebrity Jewellery Stories | Shimansky

Kylie Jenner’s Fashionable Bracelet

There is a certain lockable bracelet that is all the rage in celebrity circles. Apparently, the high-end band is fixed onto the wrist of a loved one with a little key and a special screw to symbolise eternal love. Among the famous faces to proudly sport the bracelet are Kylie Jenner, Pippa Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes and Katie Holmes.

This sensational bangle is famous for more than just its celebrity appeal, style and symbolism. The trinket lit up social media in 2016 when Kylie Jenner posted a picture of a security guard struggling to get one off of her. Rumour has it that some emergency rooms even keep special screwdrivers on hand to remove them if necessary.

6 Fascinating Celebrity Jewellery Stories | Shimansky

Kate Middleton’s Honeymoon Mementos

Kate Middleton has been gifted with some beautiful jewellery from Prince William over the years, and she also has access to the royal vaults. But it is her personal collection that features some of the pieces with the interesting stories. Two weeks after the couple returned from their Seychelles honeymoon, Kate met with Barack and Michelle Obama – her first official engagement as a member of the royal family. For the occasion, she was seen wearing a distinctive cowrie shell necklace and earrings. It is speculated that these were a holiday purchase during their honeymoon. It was just two weeks after they had returned, and the shop at their resort sold high-end locally sourced jewellery.

i6 Fascinating Celebrity Jewellery Stories | Shimansky

Elizabeth Taylor’s “Ping Pong” Rings

Have you ever wondered why Elizabeth Tailor affectionately nicknamed the small diamond rings she always wore on her pinkie, the “Ping Pong diamonds”? Apparently, the star and her husband, Richard Burton, were very competitive with each other. In 1970 the two were playing a particularly fierce game of table tennis at their chalet in Gstaad in the Swiss Alps. Burton promised her that if she scored 10 points against him, he'd buy her a perfect diamond. She scored 30 points. Peeved, but a man of his word, he set off to find the smallest diamonds he could in town and returned with three one-eighth carat diamond rings – what would become the famous “Ping Pong Diamonds”. Taylor was known to wear them with the 69-carat Taylor-Burton Diamond. When others would remark on how magnificent her diamond was, Taylor was known to play coy, show the Ping Pong Diamonds, and reply, “Isn’t it perfect?” View a real-life replica of the Taylor-Burton at the Cape Town Diamond Museum today.

6 Fascinating Celebrity Jewellery Stories | Shimansky

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