The Making of the Evolym Ring

Shimansky Making of the Evolym Ring

It’s takes more than just a companion to spend the rest of your life with, it takes a person you truly love to make that lifelong commitment. Once you’ve found that special person, who understands you and accepts you for who you are, you know you have found true love.

The Shimansky Evolym diamond ring is the perfect way to seal the deal after finding your soulmate. Like the love of your life, the Evolym solitaire diamond ring is unique. The words, “My Love” in reverse, is the Evolym; a true reflection of your love and devotion for each other. The Evolym diamond engagement ring is designed with true brilliance and sophistication in mind. Explore the journey of an Evolym ring from the South African mines to finger:

Shimansky Making of the Evolym Ring


CEO and founder, Yair Shimansky designed the Evolym diamond ring, in South Africa, after extensive research and development. To achieve the unique design, a balance was struck between design aesthetics and a complex set of mathematical calculations.

The essence of the design is its 360-degree exposure to light that allows the unique setting to radiate a true brilliance. But that's not all, in the constant pursuit for perfection, Shimansky sources the rough diamond for the ring directly from the South African mines.

This ensures that only the finest, hand-selected diamonds are chosen for all of Shimansky’s designer jewellery creations. The rough diamond is then cut and polished inhouse at the Shimansky diamond cutting and polishing factory; by the best craftsmen in the industry.

Shimansky Making of the Evolym Ring


The Evolym diamond ring is a Shimansky exclusive and was designed by Yair Shimansky himself. The unique ring consists of three bands and a solitaire diamond in the center; the number of bands symbolises the past, present and the future.

The three bands are connected by a single Shimansky diamond that symbolises your love and commitment. The diamond engagement ring is the perfect symbol of a complete relationship, which enters the journey of eternal love and happiness.

Shimansky Making of the Evolym Ring


Shimansky is one of the only jewellers in the world that designs and manufactures their own jewellery creations inhouse. The Evolym ring is handcrafted to precision and technical expertise by one of Shimansky’s very own skilful craftsmen at the Shimansky jewellery manufacturing workshop, in Cape Town, South Africa. The reason? To ensure the Evolym has the appearance of a delicately set solitaire diamond with superb quality and that it’s firmly secured between three matching wedding bands.

The Evolym ring takes approximately five working days to transform from a 3D design into a unique ring that radiates a true brilliance when viewed from any angle. The one of a kind Shimansky design is available in virgin metals such as, platinum, 18K white, yellow and rose gold. Diamonds from 0.30ct to 2ct can be set in the Evolym design while the ring can be crafted to any finger size.

Every step in the process, from the selection of the finest diamonds, gold and platinum to the design and creation process of the Evolym is completed with extreme attention to detail and to the highest quality.


At Shimansky, the highest range of technology is used to ensure the best quality is produced by our skilful and talented craftsmen. The Evolym ring was designed using a state-of-the-art 3D printer to create the master model. Afterwards the unique design is crafted seamlessly with the help of technology and the finishing and cleaning touches of a craftsman’s hands. To ensure the design is up to standard before it leaves the workshop, the Evolym ring will be checked less than 27 times.

Shimansky Making of the Evolym Ring


The Evolym diamond is placed in a unique setting that helps the gemstone radiate true brilliance from any angle. The setting is designed in such a way that the diamond has a 360-degree exposure to light. The diamond is carefully placed between three bands making the entire gemstone visible to the eye.

Like the love of your life, the Evolym diamond ring is completely unique. The designer engagement ring reflects the love and devotion you have for one another; it’s also designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. Make the special moment last forever with a breathtakingly beautiful Evolym ring.

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at the Clock Tower offers a unique diamond experience, from a visit to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, witness the cutting and polishing on sight, a complimentary South African wine and coffee, while discovering beautiful jewellery creations in a luxury showroom setting.