The Millennium ring is iconic by design

Shimansky Millennium Ring - iconic by design

The way in which a diamond is formed is truly one of the most fascinating processes. But, the actual extraordinary moment when a breathtakingly beautiful gemstone is matched with an iconic jewellery design begins when a woman falls hopelessly in love with it. At Shimansky, we celebrate this moment with a signature Shimansky design that has become an icon in its own right: the handcrafted Millennium diamond ring, the mark of everlasting love. But what exactly does it take to create the one of a kind Millennium ring and what is the meaning of the design of the ring itself?

Why was the Millennium ring created?

Shimansky Millennium Ring - iconic by design

The Millennium is an icon of scarcity, history, craftsmanship and CEO, Yair Shimansky’s precise artistic vision. His striking designs are proof of his inexhaustible drive to innovate. “Designing jewellery is both challenging and exhilarating,” he says. When it came to the Millennium design it was extremely important for Shimansky to create a ring that symbolises the love a couple has for one another. “It represents a collective journey,” Shimansky explains. “Fate joins a man and a woman through a diamond, the binder of the two: it symbolises the merging of two hearts.” The two bands are joined by a diamond in the centre, representing the bond of love between husband and wife.

What makes the Millennium different from other engagement rings?

Shimansky Millennium Ring - iconic by design

Not only is the Millennium a quintessence of true brilliance, but when the ring is viewed from different angles, it resembles temptation in its truest form. Its clean lines and iconic presence rest effortlessly and accurately on the hand of its owner. By doing this, the design is fulfilling its calling as a magnificent diamond engagement ring, exemplifying the promise of a matrimonial bond. For that reason, the one of a kind Millennium diamond ring has remained an iconic design and bestseller.

How is the Millennium ring made?

The Millennium is an exceptionally precise ring to produce. It requires a skilful eye and years of experience from the Shimansky craftsmen to be brought to life. Each ring is handcrafted to perfection, a process taking no less than a few hours to complete and only trusted to the most skilful of Shimansky’s craftsmen. Designed to reflect the journey to two lives as they become one, the Millennium diamond ring is available in platinum or 18K white, rose gold or yellow gold and set with a diamond of your choice.

Platinum holds a special place in the house of Shimansky. The first to manufacture platinum jewellery in South Africa, Shimansky is fondly regarded as the Platinum Pioneers; leading the way in the evolution of this noble metal to become a treasured part of the jewellery world.

Is there more to the collection?

Shimansky Millennium Ring - iconic by design

The Millennium collection extends to the beautifully crafted earrings and pendants, exemplifying the iconic design. The Millennium earrings are set with two perfectly matched round brilliant cut diamonds making it one of the most elegant jewellery pieces of all time. Another magnificent addition to the Millennium collection is the graceful diamond pendant, which is created with a unique Shimansky diamond of your choice. The collection also expands to a one of a kind Millennium ring for men, with an extraordinary design and elegant finish.

A diamond engagement ring, like the Millennium will take its place as a family heirloom, passed down to generations to come. One thing that will remain, however, will be the sentiment and emotion. It is with care and accuracy that it’s true value is reflected, fitting as a genuine symbol of love. “It will be on a woman’s finger for the rest of her life,” Shimansky says. “Because of this, we invest in what we do. Every creation we design comes with a piece of Shimansky that goes with it.”