The My Girl diamond is one in a million

Shimansky Exclusive My Girl Cut

Like the woman of your dreams, the My Girl diamond is unique in every single way. Not only is the one of a kind diamond cut a true expression of your love and devotion, and perfectly suited for an engagement ring, but it also makes for the perfect anniversary gift. The beautiful diamond will match her sparkling personality, and mesmerise her the same way the My Girl diamond cut mesmerises you.

There’s simply no limit to the beauty of the My Girl diamond, placing the cut in a unique class of its own. The patented Shimansky cut diamond is both beautiful and one of a kind, and with its unique eight-sided square diamond cut, the diamond creates the ultimate balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation from every angle.

This way, she will experience a beautiful dance of light with every move she makes. Here are a few reasons why the My Girl diamond is truly one of the most fascinating diamond cuts in the world:

Shimansky Exclusive My Girl Cut

Like your significant other, the diamond cut is one in a million

The one of a kind diamond cut took Founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky three years to research and develop. When it was finished, the My Girl diamond cut became the first international patented cut to originate from South Africa; the exquisite diamond can therefore only be bought and sourced from within the country.

To ensure you get the finest quality South Africa has to offer, Shimansky hand-selects the magnificent rough diamonds directly from the South African mines.

Just like your loved one the My Girl diamond is truly one in a million. But what exactly makes the My Girl diamond so unique? Each diamond is hand-selected for its unique characteristics and potential. A My Girl diamond can only be polished from a “crystal” shaped rough diamond, which naturally resembles a two joined pyramids. This shape is extremely rare in nature, and only a few rough diamonds in the world will be able to be polished in a My Girl cut.

Shimansky Exclusive My Girl Cut

The My Girl diamond cut is a one of a kind design

The My Girl diamond started with an idea to create the world’s most balanced diamond; this included the perfect combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation. The My Girl diamond also has the ability to reflect light from all angles, including from the sides; the facets are designed in a way to display perfect symmetry and proportion.

The gorgeous My Girl diamond features a diamond-shaped table with an eight-sided square cut diamond. In comparison to a princess cut diamond which is also square in shape, the points on a My Girl diamond is angled instead of sharp, making it perfect for all kinds of different jewellery settings. And unlike, the princess cut that draws dark colour to the corners, the My Girl diamond cut is mathematically designed to distribute colour evenly throughout the diamond.

With a number of scientific angles and artistry requirements, a My Girl diamond will take a skilled diamond cutter and polisher with years of knowledge and experience to create. It also takes a combination of the latest specialised diamond technology and a close attention to detail. Therefore, to uphold the quality of the exclusive diamond, with its exact specifications, the diamond is created in-house at the Shimansky workshop by skilled and experienced master craftsmen.

Shimansky Exclusive My Girl Cut

The My Girl jewellery collection

The My Girl diamond stretches to a variety of different jewellery designs; one of the most popular and desired pieces being the My Girl Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. The My Girl diamond design also comes in the form of eternity rings, halo rings and trilogy rings. Brides also have the option to extend their personal jewellery collection with a pair of matching earrings, an eternity wedding band, bracelet, pendant and necklace. But, if you’re unable to find a design that personally speaks to you and your significant other, the in-house designer can create a design to your specifications.

In the end, it’s not about the rarity or the design of a diamond, but rather the special moment it captures. The My Girl diamond ring and the entire diamond jewellery collection is the perfect way to cherish the magical moments you share with one another. It’s the symbol of eternal love and commitment between two people. Together with your unique love and a unique diamond, the My Girl diamond cut creates extraordinary beauty and incredible brilliance.