The Significance Of A Fine Jewellery Gift

What Is The Meaning Of A Diamond?

In Ancient Rome, it was widely believed that diamonds were in fact fallen stars. And curiously enough; the Ancient Romans weren’t really that far off.

For although we know that diamonds are made of carbon that comes from within the earth’s mantle, we now know those carbon atoms are traceable to the crucibles that cooked light elements into heavy elements, creating giant stars.

These stars then went unstable in their later years, collapsed and exploded; scattering enriched carbon, nitrogen and oxygen across the galaxy. And as the collateral condensed, it formed solar systems; stars with orbiting planets

So, as with all elements on and in our beautiful planet, diamonds do indeed come from the stars. And so do we.

Perhaps that’s why diamonds have captured our imagination for millennia; their resemblance to those very same shining lights strewn across the nights sky.

So while the poet Hafiz illustrated that, "a rainbow is confined in a diamond forever", the spell cast by a diamond may in fact be a cosmic understanding that they reflect something far, far bigger than us; why we revere this heavenly gem as the symbol of our greatest universal emotion.


Love in all its forms. Love of a sibling, of a friend or child, of a mother and of a partner.

When to gift jewellery

Whether it be the ultimate expression and commitment of love;
the engagement ring, or simply a special gesture for a very special person, there is no better more truly memorable gift, that embodies the heavens and all that reside within it, than a fine jewellery gift.

How to gift diamonds for Christmas

We’ve created a jewellery gift guide to help you select Tanzanite and diamond Christmas jewellery, containing our iconic pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, wedding bands and engagement rings.

The Shimansky Difference

At Shimansky, we approach our diamonds, gems and precious metals with the utmost care and respect. Diamonds are locally selected, cut and polished by a Shimansky expert under the supervision of our CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky.

Our famed Ayanda Tanzanite jewellery is amongst the finest in the world, and is once again hand-selected by Shimansky directly from the Maasai Tribe in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

We’ve been creating expressions of love right here in South Africa for over 25 years. And since the very first day we were founded by Yair Shimansky all those years ago, we’ve been passionate about crafting the highest quality, brilliant, beautiful gifts and pieces.

We’d love to share this passion with you. We invite you to any of our stores or showrooms where our expert staff can assist you anytime. If you are unable to visit us, please contact us - call, email or WhatsApp.