Spoil Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Like an extraordinary diamond, your mother should be treasured. There's no denying the love your mother has for you is extremely rare and precious. Show your mother just how much you appreciate her by spoiling her on Mother's Day. With our wide variety of remarkable diamond and tanzanite jewellery pieces, you will be sure to find the best jewellery gift for her on the special day. For the perfect Mother’s Day 2018, we thought to give you a helping hand on how to make your mom feel special with the ultimate itinerary. Most of the exciting activities on the Mother’s Day itinerary can all be done at the convenience of one place, the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day lunch, shopping spree and a movie make sure to book in advance and avoid disappointment.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Ideas:

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

1. Whisk Her Away on a Trip

It’s not every day a mother is able to escape her busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing trip away from home. Surprise her with the ultimate getaway by booking her into a guesthouse or lodge over Mother’s Day weekend. Make sure the venue has a pool, delicious breakfast and a spa. This way, she will have everything she needs to enjoy a bit of downtime.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

2. Start Mother's Day with a Spa Treatment

Your mother is your best friend, supporter, and mentor. With that said, she has a fulltime job looking after pretty much everyone. Show your mother your appreciation by taking her for a relaxing day at the spa. Take your mother away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to a remarkable spa day where she has the option to select a wide variety of hydrotherapy, facials, massages, beauty and body treatments. There's no denying your mother deserves to feel relaxed and energised.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

3. Enjoy a High Tea with your Mother

Spoil your mother with an unforgettable High Tea at the luxurious 5-star hotel. The One&Only Resort in Cape Town offers a breathtakingly beautiful view of Table Mountain and is one of the best High Tea venues in Cape Town. Enjoy a selection of their finest delectable pastries while lounging against the magnificent backdrop of Table Mountain. The refreshing seaside breeze is truly magnificent and will make your mom feel extremely special!

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

4. Take her for a Shopping Spree

When a mother goes shopping it’s usually for groceries or for the rest of the family. Why not spoil her with a special shopping spree just for her? Make sure to take her to all her favourite shops and then treat her to a Mother's Day lunch or dinner with the rest of the family.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

5. Enjoy a Mother’s Day Picnic

There’s nothing more spectacular than a relaxing autumn picnic in the month of May. Make sure to pack a delicious picnic basket and a blanket with a nice bottle of wine. Enjoy quality time with the family while celebrating your mother in style. She will most certainly enjoy a beautiful day outside in nature.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

6. Take a Class Together

For some quality time with your mother book an experience, you both will enjoy. For example, head over for a wine-tasting course, cooking session or a painting class. During these unique experiences, you will be able to spend time with one another, have fun and even end up learning something new together.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

7. Take her for a Tour at the Cape Town Diamond Museum

There’s no greater memory than the time spent with your mother. Recreate the special moments you previously had with your mom by planning a personally guided tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum. The exclusive tour will open your eyes to the captivating and fascinating world of diamonds while giving you and your mom time to spend together. Like a diamond, the time spent with your mother should be treasured. Download your complimentary admission voucher today.



Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

8. Take her to the Movies

Sometimes a trip to the cinema is just as special as dinner at a restaurant. Make sure to do your research and book tickets to a movie with an exceptional rating for you and your mom. This way, you and your mother will be able to enjoy that quality time together you both have been longing for, for so long.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

9. Surprise her with a Homemade Dinner

Make your mom feel extra special by spoiling her with one of her favourite home cooked meals. Decorate the dinner table with her favourite colours and place special notes of how much you appreciate her around her plate. Top the evening off with a one of a kind gift she will remember forever.

Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

10. Make a Personalised Album

Mother’s Day quotes best describes the beauty of motherhood, our favourite is: “Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest gift of all”. Celebrate the special memories you share with your mother with this and other DIY Mother’s Day gifts. Create a personalised album of all the good times you’ve shared together along with inserts of Mother’s Day poems that will help get the sentiment of your relationship across.

This and other Mother’s Day gift ideas could either be done electronically or you can print the images and place it in a personalised album filled with Mother’s Day wishes. Your mother will definitely spend hours paging through the spectacular moments you spend together as a family.

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Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

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Shimansky Top 10 ways to spoil Mom

Jewellery Gifts for Experienced Moms

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There isn’t anything your mother won’t do for you, so be sure to double check when is Mother’s Day in South Africa. Return the favour on Sunday, 13 May 2018 by planning the ultimate itinerary of gifts and events that will give you and your mom loving memories you can treasure for many more years to come. Mother’s Day might only be once a year, but the love you have for your mother is forever. Make sure to make every moment you spend with your mom count! Visit your nearest Shimansky store for exclusive special offers this Mother’s Day 2018.