Shimansky jewellery anniversary gift ideas

An anniversary is more than just a special date. It is a celebration of the most important decision you’ve made in your life: to commit yourself to the love of your life. Anniversary gifts have significant meaning and selecting one for your soulmate should be guided by your personal preferences and taste. Whether you are celebrating your 1-year anniversary, 10-year anniversary or commemorating a lifetime’s togetherness on your 50th anniversary, we understand how important and how valuable these special moments are, which is why we are here to guide you in finding a gift that’s just as timeless as your love for one another.

For the traditionally inclined couple, we have included anniversary gifts by year guide. However, if you prefer to celebrate your matrimony with a classic diamond creation instead - a trend among modern couples - we are sure you will find the perfect jewellery item from our awe-inspiring anniversary gift ideas below.

wedding anniversary gifts by year


Presenting gifts on the occasion of a wedding anniversary has its origins in the medieval period. In the Holy Roman Empire, a silver garland would be gifted to the wife to mark their 25th anniversary and a golden wreath on the 50th anniversary. In the 1920s, an American writer, Emily Post, addressed the question of what gift to give on the occasion of an anniversary in a book titled “Etiquette”. This list was expanded by the American National Retail Jeweler Association In 1937, which resulted in the traditional gifts list for all milestone anniversaries we know today:

1-Year anniversary: Paper
2-Year anniversary: Cotton
3-Year anniversary: Leather
4-Year anniversary: Fruit & Flowers (US) or Linen & Silk (UK)
5-Year anniversary: Wood
6-Year anniversary: Iron (US) or Candy (UK)
7-Year anniversary: Copper (US) or Wool (UK)
8-Year anniversary: Bronze (US) or Salt (UK)
9-Year anniversary: Pottery (US) or Copper (UK)
10-Year anniversary: Aluminium (US) or Tin (US & UK)
11-Year anniversary: Steel
12-Year anniversary: Home Décor (US) or Silk / Linen (UK)
13-Year anniversary: Lace
14-Year anniversary: Ivory*
15-Year anniversary: Crystal
16-Year anniversary: Silverware
17-Year anniversary: Furniture
18-Year anniversary: Porcelain
19-Year anniversary: Bronze
20th Anniversary: China
25th Anniversary: Silver
30th Anniversary: Pearl
35th Anniversary: Jade (US) or Coral (US & UK)
40th Anniversary: Ruby
45th Anniversary: Sapphire
50th Anniversary: Gold
55th Anniversary: Emerald
60th Anniversary: Diamond

*Due to the decline of elephant populations, an ethically more appropriate alternative would be gifts that feature an elephant theme.

Anniversary gift ideas for her


As your relationship matures, each anniversary becomes even more meaningful than before. Even though each year is truly a significant milestone in your relationship, more effort often goes into sourcing the perfect gift every anniversary you celebrate.

Although the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year guide associate diamonds with the 60th anniversary, many couples choose to select their own gifts for one another, based on a more modern outlook. Hence, celebrating your wedding anniversary with a beautiful Shimansky diamond creation is perfectly appropriate. Diamond jewellery is, after all, the most apt choice for anniversary gifts as they are symbols of “forever” and made to last beyond a lifetime.

Shimansky eternity diamond anniversary rings


Shimansky Diamond Eternity Rings are designed to mark an important milestone in a couple’s journey together, such as an anniversary. The circular shape of the ring – a continuous circle that cannot be broken – symbolises the strength of your eternal love. Decorated with perfectly cut, indestructible diamonds – nature’s strongest gem – the Eternity ring immortalises your love. These exquisite pieces are available in different diamond cuts and styles to meet your preferences.

When selecting yours, you will have the option of choosing the emerald cut, cushion cut, round cut, or the Shimansky-exclusive My Girl Diamond cut. Our Eternity Diamond Anniversary Rings are available in full eternity and half eternity and our masterly cut diamonds can be set in a channel setting or a claw setting. Our wide array of options allow you to find an exquisitely crafted creation that not only symbolises your unique love but that will be passed down as a precious heirloom to the generations that follow.

anniversary diamond necklace from Shimansky


Shimansky diamond anniversary gifts are filled with a world of symbolism, and this especially rings true for our Millennium Diamond Pendant. Just like the one you love, the Shimansky-exclusive Millennium Diamond Pendant is truly special as it rests close to your heart. Holding a scintillating Round Brilliant Cut Diamond between two bands, it’s elegant and understated, displaying remarkable craftsmanship and design excellence. The Millennium diamond pendant is created to celebrate true love and affection and complements the Millennium engagement ring, wedding band and Millennium earrings beautifully.

Shimansky My Girl diamond earrings anniversary gift


The perfect gift to celebrate your special milestone is one that reflects your loved one’s personal taste and style. When selecting a diamond anniversary gift, bear in mind the type of jewellery your partner already has. The My Girl diamond earrings are versatile and will complement most jewellery. Delivering the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation, the expertly matched 4-claw My Girl diamond earrings contain two magnificent My Girl diamonds, set in platinum. These classic solitaire stud earrings can be specially created based on your specifications with hand-selected, beautifully matched My Girl diamonds exclusive to Shimansky.

anniversary diamond tennis bracelet from Shimansky


Wedding anniversary gifts are more than objects. They are meaningful symbols of how you feel about your partner and a celebration of the years spent together. Like your significant other adds colour to your life, the elegant Shimansky Tennis Bracelet embellishes the wrist with shimmering diamonds individually set in lustrous 18K white gold or platinum. These gorgeous diamond anniversary gifts can be specially created based on your specifications with hand-selected round brilliant cut diamonds. The Shimansky Tennis Bracelet is matched beautifully by the My Girl Tennis Necklace, an exquisite anniversary diamond necklace perfect for the next big milestone celebration.

anniversary tanzanite jewellery from Shimansky


The rarest gem on Earth, tanzanite, is the stone of choice for the 24th wedding anniversary. Discovered in 1967 in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, northern Tanzania, and only found along a 4km strip of land, tanzanite is a thousand times more rare than diamonds. A creation from Shimansky’s exquisite Ayanda Tanzanite Jewellery Collection makes for a truly one-of-a-kind anniversary gift, one that will not only capture the essence of your celebration beautifully but one that will increase in value with time, as it’s believed that within the next decade the only tanzanite source known to humankind will be depleted.

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We realise the importance of helping our customers find a piece of jewellery that perfectly captures the essence of their moment and reflects their love. If you need inspiration for anniversary gift ideas we invite you to visit a Shimansky jewellery showroom near you. Our specialists will gladly assist you in finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift for her from our elegant range of tanzanite and diamond anniversary jewellery.