Top 10 Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

One of our all-time favourite diamond engagement ring styles is the timeless solitaire ring. Decades have come and gone but the solitaire ring remains one of the most elegant classics of all time. If you are considering a solitaire engagement ring, we invite you to browse our top 10 solitaire engagement ring styles. We are sure you will find a beauty that will steal your heart.

We invite you to visit one of the Shimansky showroom to view our masterly designed collection of solitaire diamond engagement rings. to find a designer diamond creation that has special meaning to you.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

1. Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Choosing an solitaire diamond engagement rings is an important occasion. After all, your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own. To find the one that truly speaks to your heart, we recommend browsing as many options as possible, starting with a timeless classic. Defined by simplicity and sophistication, the Shimansky Four-claw Solitaire Ring features a dazzling round brilliant cut diamond in a four-claw setting. The knife edge shank can be crafted in your choice of 18K white gold or platinum. As enduring as your love for one another, this classic solitaire diamond ring will eternally warm your heart as a reminder of your devotion and commitment

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

2. Engagement Ring With A Romantic Symbol

Nothing says “I love you” more than an engagement ring with a romantic touch – like the heart, the most charming of romance symbols. From the time a young girl draws hearts all over her notebooks, to the day she incorporates the symbol in her wedding, the heart is a timeless representation of love. The Shimansky-exclusive “I Do” Diamond Engagement Ring features two elegant hearts that meet in the middle in understated sophistication to hold the solitaire diamond in place. A matching wedding band completes the set.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

3. Engagement Ring With A Secret Design Element

Like the special memories shared between a man and woman, the Shimansky Circle Of Love Diamond Engagement Ring offers a characteristic known only to the couple. Two circles of round brilliant cut diamonds are precision-set on either side of the band, a brilliant sparkle visible only to the wearer of the ring. The diamonds add a unique personal touch that gives the wearer a feeling of exclusivity and luxury. The Circle Of Love collection also features a matching men’s band.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

4. Tension Setting Engagement Ring

When it comes to the anatomy of a diamond ring, the setting plays a major role in defining the style of the piece. Where most traditional rings utilise prongs or metal baskets to secure a centre stone in place, the tension setting instead uses the ring itself as the mechanism that locks the diamond in place. This extraordinary setting is featured in the Millennium Diamond Ring, a Shimansky original that has been designed with shear precision in mind. The round brilliant cut diamond is artfully suspended between two bands that represent the coming together of two lives. Delivering an unobstructed view of the stone, this design is created to showcase the unflawed beauty of a superb quality diamond beautifully. As the most popular and sought after diamond engagement ring design in South Africa, the iconic Shimansky design is truly something special.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

5. Black Gold Engagement Ring

Black gold rings are bold and outrageously beautiful. Mixed with another alloy such as cobalt, black gold has a unique dark grey shine that lends the metal its characteristic dramatic sleek finish. Black gold rings with diamonds make a strong statement. The Shimansky My Girl Tube Set Solitaire Diamond Ring in black gold has a simple design that accentuates the allure of the metal. This one-of-a-kind engagement ring is the perfect choice for the bride-to-be who is in search of something a little different and unconventional.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

6. Patented Engagement Ring

As unique as your love for one another, is the Shimansky My Girl Solitaire Ring featuring the patented My Girl diamond cut. This one-of-a-kind diamond cut is world-renowned, both for its high sparkle, and for the originality of its cut and design. This perfectly balanced eight-sided diamond cut is designed for maximum shimmer, reflecting light with every movement and delivering the ultimate combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation. Just as your love for one another, the My Girl diamond’s brilliance will never fade.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

7. Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding your soulmate is something truly special, much like finding a natural Fancy Yellow diamond. These extraordinary gemstones are extremely rare. For every 10,000 nearly colourless diamonds mined, only one natural fancy colour diamond will be discovered. A Fancy Yellow diamond engagement ring is therefore not only an exquisite choice, but also a beautiful way to represent a once-in-a-lifetime union. The Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Solitaire Ring displays a beautiful warmth of light. It is bold and vivid and made to be noticed. The ring is claw set in 18K white gold but can also be manufactured in 18K rose or yellow gold, as well as platinum.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

8. Engagement Ring With A Micro Set Band

Brides-to-be who lean towards a classic look, yet who prefer a little extra sparkle may consider a solitaire engagement ring with a micro set band. Micro set engagement rings, like the Shimansky Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring, are all the rage this season. The diamond ring shown contains an exquisite 0.70ct cushion cut diamond claw set with round brilliant cut micro set diamonds on the shank, crafted in 18K white gold. Handcrafted to perfection, this mesmerising diamond ring is created to be a beautiful symbol of your love and affection.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

9. Tapered Engagement Ring

Tapered engagement rings are the perfect example of how a subtle detail can elevate a piece of jewellery from ordinary to exceptional. The Shimansky Round Brilliant Solitaire Ring features an elegant knife edge shank with clean lines that gently tapers towards the diamond, accentuating the sheer beauty of the shimmering stone. The ring can be crafted in 18K white, rose or yellow gold, as well as platinum.

Top Single Diamond Engagement Rings | Shimansky

10. Tube Set Engagement Ring

A tube or bezel setting features a diamond that is completely or partially surrounded by a thin border of precious metal, which holds the diamond securely in place. This contemporary engagement ring setting is perfect for a woman with a more active lifestyle, as it protects the diamond’s girdle from being knocked. The Shimansky Tube My Girl Solitaire Engagement Ring crafted in radiant yellow gold is an exquisite choice that will be cherished for years to come.

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Whether you are looking for a classic diamond engagement ring or a contemporary design, you will find a ring that speaks to your heart at Shimansky. Visit your nearest Shimansky showroom to view a variety of spectacular diamond engagement rings. Our consultants will be delighted to guide you in finding the “one”.