Top Ten Dos and Don’ts To Make Your Marriage Proposal the Best Ever

Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

The day that you get engaged is one of the most meaningful and memorable of your love story. In order to make it one of your all-time favourite couple-stories to tell your friends and family, you need to get it ‘right’. A marriage proposal is just one of those life events you will never forget. So, you may be nervous, but if you have done your planning, prepared well, and followed our fives easy ‘dos’ and five avoidable ‘don’ts’ to make your wedding proposal perfect, you will be in the best shape. We are here to help you make this a moment to treasure for your whole life.

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 Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

Five Easy ‘Dos’ for the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Let’s just go right ahead and assume that you and your proposed fiancé have discussed marriage and that you are fairly certain that this is something you both want. Going in cold is a bad idea and won’t assure you of the best outcome. Marriage is a long road, and good, open, honest communication is key to success. Ideally start that practice before the marriage proposal.

ONE: Follow Tradition

You may not be especially traditional as a couple, but a marriage proposal is bigger than just the two of you, so we say definitely DO speak to your partner’s family first, as a sign of respect, and to involve them in a way that will be almost as memorable as the proposal itself. Times have definitely changed, but a respectful relationship with your future in-laws makes for a good start to an excellent marriage.

Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

TWO: Get Down On One Knee

Another wedding proposal tradition that we are in favour of is the whole getting down on one knee. It’s such a photogenic moment, it shows a humbleness and reverence for your partner, and it seems like you are begging. We think begging is a good thing every now and again! Of course, if you have bad knees or are not able-bodied, we are good with that too, sitting on a chair while your partner stands sends the same message and is perfect for the two of you.

THREE: Be Creative

Find a spot to propose that is meaningful to the two of you; preferably a quiet spot that you can revisit on occasion to relive the moment. Think carefully about where you propose marriage and make sure you don’t have to worry about the weather, the bugs, the height or the intrusions so that you can really focus on your partner and the moment you are about to share.

We also encourage you to choose your words carefully. Tell your partner why you want to marry them and what they mean to you. Be creative with this part. It needs to come from your heart and be meaningful. But try and conclude with the classic words, “please will you marry me.” You can never forget that moment.

Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

FOUR: Keep It A Secret – Then Share

A surprise marriage proposal – even if your partner knows that it is coming at some point – is guaranteed to make it all the more memorable. By secretly planning this special moment, you are showing that you are investing your time and energy into your partner and your future marriage. By buying the diamond engagement ring ahead of time, talking to their parents and planning the location of the proposal, all speaks volumes about the respect, care and attention you have for your partner – so plan carefully and thoughtfully.

Once you have popped the question, the two of you can continue to keep the secret for as long as you want to enjoy it all, without anyone else’s opinions, questions and words of wisdom. This is a very intimate time in your lives, and you may want a few days to enjoy it, just the two of you. Having said that, you may also want to just shout it from the rooftops of social media immediately. Either way, please do share the good news of your engagement with your friends, families and followers, when you are ready. People adore hearing stories of love and yours will bring joy to so many.


FIVE: Have a Photographer on Standby

And finally, whilst this is an incredibly intimate occasion, your marriage proposal is something you definitely will want photos of, so rope in a good friend who is handy with a camera and can secretly capture the moment you propose and the exciting aftermath. Whilst selfies are ok, they can’t do justice to the occasion, and having a secret third party involved has other excellent benefits too…they can also be the keeper of the bottle of bubbly (alcoholic or non) and the glasses that you can use to celebrate and toast with, when the answer is YES!

Five Avoidable ‘Don’ts’ for the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Whilst the ‘Dos’ listed above may seem fairly self-evident, some of the ‘Don’ts’ may be guidance that you haven’t thought of. I mean this is a fairly once-in-a-lifetime kind of occasion, so you can be forgiven for making a rookie error or two. To help you along, here are five more helpful hints to ensuring that the perfect marriage proposal goes off smoothly.

ONE: Don’t Make It Complicated

Probably the best life advice we can give anyone is that important occasions need to be kept simple. At Shimansky we take that through all our iconic jewellery designs too – important memories and dreams are created with the most precious and simple components: diamonds, precious metals and skilful craftsmanship and care. That’s how your marriage proposal should be too, with your full focus on the two of you. Throw out any complicated time schedules or multiple moving parts, and keep things beautifully simple:

Pick a meaningful spot, present the person of your dreams with a diamond engagement ring and ask them to marry you. It’s all you need in the end.

Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

TWO: Don’t Do It In Public

Oh, and this spot that you pick? Please don’t do it in a public place where people are staring at you. This includes in front of family members. The pressure that this puts on you both, is way too stressful and can end in disaster. You’ve only got one opportunity to share the moment between just the two of you – try and keep it like that for the marriage proposal. You can tell them all immediately afterwards, don’t worry!

No sports game, restaurant or public street is calm and romantic, with real intimacy. And we all know parents’ homes are the least romantic places in the world. So, forget about any of these ideas for the perfect wedding proposal and keep things simple and meaningful.

THREE: Don’t Involve Food or Death-Defying Stunts

We have all seen a hundred movies where the diamond engagement ring is hidden in a dessert at the end of a meal, or in the bottom of a glass of bubbles, just waiting for the lucky person to find it. Well, the chances of swallowing the precious gem or breaking a tooth are just too high to make this a real-life good idea.

Top Ten Dos and Don’ts for Proposals | Shimansky

FOUR: Don’t Get The Timing Wrong

When you are in the first rush of new love, it can be tempting to propose marriage immediately. But sometimes you are not at exactly the same pace as a couple, and you land up being rejected, ruining a love story before it has had a chance to really begin. So, our advice is to make sure you talk about your feelings and your desire to get married as often as you like, but save the actual proposal for when you get the strong signals that your partner is ready for it too. Open communication and vulnerability are a strong foundation for a good relationship, to get things onto this stable level and then start planning that dream proposal!

FIVE: Don’t Expect an Answer Immediately

If you have surprised your love with a marriage proposal, it may have come as a bit of a shock and your partner may want a bit of time to gather, reflect and then give you an answer. There is nothing wrong with this. A ‘maybe’ is not a ‘no’ and gives you a good place to build from. So please don’t be disheartened and allow your love some space to come back to you with the answer that you have been dreaming of.

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