Vogue Italia’s Protagonists At The Salon Art + Design


Yair Shimansky will be presenting at the Salon Art + Design at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from November 14 - 18, 2019 a Sustainable Jewellery Creations featuring tanzanite and diamonds from Africa

Shimansky’s iconic and uniquely African sustainable jewellery creations are set to shine bright at the exclusive Salon Art New York’s 2019 Vogue Italia’s Protagonists exhibition from November 14 – 18 at the Park Avenue Armory. Curated by Vogue Italia, The Protagonist exhibition calls for social and environmental awareness of sustainable design, promoting a philosophy of responsible mindful luxury. This year marks the prestigious event’s eighth edition, which will feature a mix of highly curated historic and contemporary collectible design pieces, ethical jewellery and fine art curated from galleries from 14 countries.

World-renowned as a leader in the art of fine jewellery craftsmanship, Shimansky is proud to showcase original, sustainable jewellery designs created by CEO and Founder and Jewellery Designer, Yair Shimansky. The exquisite pieces on display feature ethical South African diamonds and sustainably sourced tanzanite.

Vogue Italia’s Protagonists At The Salon Art + Design| Shimansky

The Shimansky Desert Rose

One of the remarkable sustainable jewellery designs to be exhibited at the Salon Art New York 2019 event is Shimansky’s Desert Rose ring. Desert rose is the colloquial name given to rose-like formations of crystal clusters of gypsum or baryte, including abundant sand grains. The 'petals' are flattened radiating crystals fanning open on the crystallographic axis.

The breathtaking Shimansky Desert Rose features 798 ethically sourced South African diamonds, totalling 24.13ct, complimented by 42 tsavorite weighing 3.11ct, and the centrepiece, a desert rose crystal from Namibia, set in 58.80g 18ct gold. The Shimansky Desert Rose ring retails for $42,000 (R619 697).

Vogue Italia’s Protagonists At The Salon Art + Design| Shimansky

A Shining Example of Sustainable Tanzanite Jewellery

The tanzanite piece selected by Vogue Italia Protagonist for Salon Art New York 2019 is from the Shimansky Ayanda, Queen of Tanzanite collection. This 27-carat round tanzanite ring, selected based on the quality and ground-breaking design that bring together luxury, geographical diversity and artistry, is a shining example of contemporary and sustainable jewellery design.

Tanzanite only has one known source on earth – Tanzania in Africa. Shimansky tanzanite is sustainably sourced from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. As the rarest of all gemstones, tanzanite has become one of the most intriguing and desirable precious gemstones – not only due to its scarcity but its enchanting hues. A variety of the mineral zoisite, its colour varies from blue, to violet, or deep purple, which displays magnificently against gold or platinum. Holding its own in the context of other unique works of art at the exhibition, the Shimansky tanzanite piece selected by the Vogue Italia Protagonist is destined to become a coveted collector’s item.


Vogue Italia’s Protagonists At The Salon Art + Design| Shimansky

Ethical Jewellery Hand Crafted with South African Diamonds

Having its roots on the southern tip of Africa, Shimansky is proud to create some of the world’s most beautiful sustainable tanzanite and diamond jewellery. Our passion for the exquisite nature of our continent’s precious resources is evident in the way we source our materials.

Recognising his impact on the jewellery and jewellery manufacturing industry, Yair Shimansky is committed to only using ethically sourced South African diamonds and tanzanite, as well as South Africa’s precious metals.

Unique among jewellers, Shimansky’s conflict-free diamonds follow a journey direct from mine to finger. Shimansky diamonds are sourced from the South African mines in the Kimberley region, the home of the ‘Big Hole’, each hand-selected to create mindful and sustainable jewellery designs with a 100% guarantee of origin.

World-renowned for Iconic Contemporary Designs and Craftsmanship

Once mined, Shimansky diamonds and tanzanite are polished and transformed into unique and timeless sustainable jewellery creations combining modern technology, extraordinary craftsmanship and design excellence.

Known for their exceptional craft, Shimansky’s diamond cutters are the only craftsmen in the world who have perfected Shimansky’s world-renowned internationally patented diamond cuts, like the My Girl diamond cut. This Shimansky-exclusive cut is the world’s first square cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table. The Brilliant 10 diamond is another world-famous Shimansky patent. When viewed from above through an Ideal Scope, the diamond's perfectly proportioned, symmetrical 71 facets reveal a perfect 10 arrows pattern and when viewed from below, a perfect 10 hearts pattern.

Shimansky’s meticulously cut diamonds are set in a range of iconic designs, from the breathtakingly beautiful My Girl diamond ring to the iconic Millennium diamond ring.

Vogue Italia’s Protagonists At The Salon Art + Design| Shimansky

Bespoke Sustainable Jewellery Designs

Maximising the magnificence and beauty of Africa’s most precious treasures – diamonds, tanzanite, platinum and gold, Shimansky delivers a wide variety of signature jewellery designs. However, for clients who have something more personal in mind, Shimansky’s bespoke jewellery design service offers the opportunity to design a truly unique jewellery creation in collaboration with a Shimansky jewellery designer. Shimansky’s bespoke design service is available in the Cape Town showroom, as well as the 5th Avenue Shimansky Showroom in New York.

Join us at the Salon Art New York’s 2019 Vogue Italia’s Protagonists

We invite you to join us at the exclusive Salon Art New York’s 2019 Vogue Italia’s Protagonists exhibition from November 14 – 18. Book your tickets to the event and visit our showroom afterwards to view the full selection of iconic and sustainable Shimansky creations on display.