While a wedding gown can transform you into a beautiful bride, the wedding dress jewellery is quintessential to complete your look with that final touch of sparkle. The jewellery you choose to wear with your dress will impact your wedding day look considerably, therefore what you choose to wear is very important.

If you need guidance on what jewellery to wear with your wedding dress, these wedding jewellery ideas will help you select diamond accessories that will go perfectly with your dress.

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Important wedding jewellery tips to remember are when it comes to your wedding day attire, your gown should be the hero of the day. The style of your jewellery, including your wedding necklace, wedding earrings and wedding bracelet, should complement the style and finish of your gown. It’s therefore advisable to decide on your wedding dress before selecting jewellery pieces to accentuate it, as you want to build your bridal look around your gown. The only exception will apply when you will be wearing heirloom jewellery, which usually pairs beautifully with classic wedding gown designs.

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Knowing how to choose wedding jewellery starts with matching the colour tones of the metal used in the jewellery and how it compliments your dress. Bright white metals like white gold and platinum look exquisite with white wedding gowns; while metals with warmer tones, like yellow and rose gold, complement ivory and champagne dresses beautifully. If you have chosen a blush gown, rose gold will best accentuate the beauty of the dress.

To add a hint of colour, try incorporating a gemstone, like Tanzanite jewellery which radiates beautiful hues of blue, violet and flashes of red.

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If you want to know how to choose wedding jewellery like an experienced stylist, consider your gown’s décolletage. Pairing your neckline style with the proper adornment will not only add character to your wedding gown but will frame your face or even highlight a unique feature. When selecting wedding dress jewellery to add shimmer to your beautiful day, consider the following guidelines: A sweetheart or strapless neckline pairs beautifully with a shorter necklace or choker, which creates height.

With these neckline styles, you may even choose to exchange the wedding necklace with a shimmering pair of marquise shaped diamond earrings. If you are going down the aisle in a V-neck gown, consider wearing a delicate, simple pendant necklace. With halter (or reverse halter) dresses you can put the focus on your hair rather than the neckline. In this case, you may even add a dazzling pair of drop or stud wedding earrings to enhance your bridal look.

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For an elegant, sophisticated look it’s best to be on the safe side by keeping it minimalistic. If you have an elaborate necklace, wear small stud earrings; or if your gown has a lot of sparkling embellishments, keep your diamond jewellery understated. By choosing one focus piece to complete your overall look, the accessories will accentuate rather than outshine the gown; and, more importantly, the blushing bride will take centre stage.

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Your wedding dress jewellery should be something you can wear again and again. The best wedding jewellery is enduring, timeless pieces that can be worn on everyday occasions throughout the journey of marriage. Ideally, you want your wedding necklace, wedding earrings and wedding bracelet to reflect your personal style. They should look stylish and glamorous with any outfit – whether you are on honeymoon or celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday.

If you need guidance in choosing wedding dress jewellery for your big day we invite you to book a consultation with one of our experienced consultants. We will gladly give you wedding jewellery tips and show you our beautiful selection of wedding necklaces, wedding earrings and wedding bracelets. We also have an exclusive selection of diamond wedding rings for women, as well as men’s wedding bands crafted in platinum, 18K gold and palladium. And if you have something truly unique in mind, you can design your own bespoke jewellery in collaboration with a Shimansky jewellery designer. We will help you create a timeless and elegant piece that will reflect your enduring love and commitment and capture the essence of your lifelong partnership.