Shimansky My Girl Diamond Jewellery Collection

Shimansky’s signature jewellery pieces are known for their innovative design and superior artistry. Driven by a pursuit of perfection, passionately applied in every stage of the creation of our diamond designs, Shimansky has become one of the most recognised and revered jewellery brands in South Africa.

Shimansky’s jewellery patents are a testament to the brand’s essence of innovation. Our signature jewellery designs have not only become a favourite choice in South Africa but have also been worn by a number of international celebrities, including Charlize Theron, Christina Aguilera and Bill Clinton.

This begs the question: How does an idea evolve into a design, and finally, a perfectly crafted signature jewellery creation that ignites a sense of wonder? To shed some light on our creations’ fascinating journey to perfection we explore the various jewellery craftsmanship stages in creating Shimansky designer jewellery.

GIA graded diamonds by Shimansky


Shimansky’s high standard of excellence is built on a unique start-to-finish philosophy. In order to have full control of every facet of our exquisite diamond designs, every step in the creation process is completed in-house – and this includes the sourcing of our diamonds. Having a license to buy rough diamonds and other precious metals direct from South African mines, a unique privilege among jewellers, Shimansky has the opportunity to hand-select only the best rough diamonds. The scrupulous selection process, which can take up to three days, requires specialised equipment, laser mapping, 3D scanning and optical tools. The most important and advanced tool, however, is the human eye. Combining his expertise and finely-tuned intuition, CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky selects only the finest rough diamonds that show the greatest potential.

Once the diamonds have been brought back to the Shimansky diamond cutting and polishing workshop in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the first stage of the jewellery design process begins – uncovering the diamond’s hidden potential.

Shimansky expert jewellery craftsmanship


With diamonds having been formed over 3 billion years ago, it is our responsibility to take our time in fulfilling the diamond’s final destiny of becoming the centrepiece in a Shimansky signature jewellery design. During this important step, the diamond is carefully analysed to uncover its true potential. To guide the process, the diamond cutter will polish a tiny window on the surface of a rough diamond to allow a better view. That which is revealed to the expert eye of our diamond cutter lays the foundation that determines how the diamond will get cut and polished to maximise its true potential to shine.

Shimansky jewellery manufacturing workshop

The intricate process of cutting and polishing a rough diamond to a beautiful display of sparkle and light includes over 30 checkpoints to ensure precision, alignment and proportion. Shimansky diamonds are polished using a super fine natural diamond powder along with a little bit of oil on a diamond wheel, known as a scaife. Three carats of diamond powder is used to polish a one-carat diamond and the cutting process can take approximately 3-5 days or sometimes longer – a meticulous task that requires a delicate hand and years of experience to perfect.

Shimansky’s diamond cutters are truly exceptional in their craft. Not only have they mastered the ‘standard’ diamond cuts, but they are the only craftsmen in the world who have perfected Shimansky’s world-renowned internationally patented diamond cuts, like the My Girl diamond cut – the world’s first square cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table; and the Brilliant 10 diamond cut with 71 facets – the most brilliant cut diamond in the world. Once the diamond has been cut and polished it is assessed and graded in compliance with international diamond grading criteria, known as the 4 C’s.

Signature jewellery designs by Shimansky


As a South African trendsetter, Shimansky is known for signature jewellery and unique engagement rings with clean designs perfected by meticulous attention to detail. Our jewellery design process is an art that requires the talent to create a meaningful, timeless symbol of love using elegant, simple lines. Creating an iconic jewellery design is an intricate process that involves the creative and thoughtful combination of various design elements. Ring designs, for example, take shape with the choice of setting, metal and, most importantly, the diamond. The cut, colour, clarity, size and shape of the diamond will play a key role in the overall design of the piece.

Using the most advanced 3D CAD design software, 3D printers and laser-welding technology, we have the ability to design and visualise a jewellery creation long before it enters the manufacturing stage. However, the technology is only a vehicle in realising the human ingenuity and imagination behind our designs. The unique character of a Shimansky original is born from the inspiration of the brand’s creator himself. Its Yair’s precise artistic vision and inexhaustible drive to innovate that bring our striking designs to life – like the signature Shimansky Millennium Diamond Engagement Ring. As one of the most coveted diamond rings in South Africa, it has become an iconic symbol of love in its own right. Like all Shimansky designer jewellery, there is a story behind the Millennium signature jewellery collection – the two bands that are joined by a diamond in the centre represent the bond of love between couple. However, it’s only when a client’s unique story and life journey merges with a mesmerising Shimansky creation that our magnificent ring designs come to their full right and true perfection is realised.

As an iconic South African designer jewellery brand, Shimansky designs have often been imitated. However, they will never be duplicated as the true essence of what makes Shimansky’s diamond creations unique goes beyond aesthetics. It is captured in our passion, innovation, vision and, of course, our philosophy of putting the client at the centre of everything we do.

Shimansky Rockwell Jewellery Studio


At Shimansky only the best is good enough, which means that no jewellery creation will be presented unless it has realised its full potential.

Once the diamond has been selected, cut and polished to perfection and the design elements have been expertly combined into an aesthetic masterpiece it’s time to bring the piece to life. Our master jewellers are fastidious perfectionists who hold their work to the highest standards – a trait that is essential in producing Shimansky’s exceptionally precise jewellery designs. The Millennium engagement ring, for example, is extremely difficult to craft, and only trusted to the most skilful of Shimansky’s craftsmen with an eye for detail and years of experience. Each one of Shimansky’s signature jewellery pieces are conscientiously handcrafted to perfection, a sophisticated process taking several days to complete, but yielding a magnificent end result that is well worth the wait.

Shimansky Clock Tower Showroom Waterfront Cape Town


Life is never short of meaningful moments and it is our honour and privilege to craft a jewellery creation that will preserve your memory and serve as a constant reminder of that special moment. Whether you are planning a proposal or celebrating an anniversary, birthday or a special milestone, we have the ability to create the jewellery creation that speaks to your heart. We invite you to visit a Shimansky jewellery showroom near you. Our specialists will gladly showcase our range of unique engagement rings and designer jewellery pieces from our iconic signature jewellery collections.

For those with a desire to design your own unique jewellery creation, you are welcome to choose from a wide selection of GIA-certified loose diamonds and consult with our jewellery designers. We will work with you to co-create your own exceptional masterpiece while staying within your budget.