Spring is in the air. Blossoms are blooming, new greens are shooting, and the air buzzes with anticipation of a new season. Spring is a time of new beginnings, it’s a time to shed those coats and boots, and to step into that spring dress you’ve been waiting to wear, paired with a piece of gorgeous diamond jewellery.


Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

This spring we’re met with a refreshing colour palette. On the one hand we will see dresses in bright colours that exude confidence, and optimism, joy and playfulness. These spirited colours are a reminder to look on the bright side, to expect the unexpected, and to celebrate our creativity. On the other end of the spectrum we will see dresses in down to earth neutral, natural tones that reflect our growing need for authenticity, and a desire to express our true selves in an era of filters and screens, as well as a movement towards a broader consciousness in the products we choose and the fashion we wear.

This kaleidoscope of beautiful colours can all be paired with equally alluring designer diamond jewellery. The perfect accessory adds to your look but doesn’t over power it. As a rule of thumb, match your jewellery to the tone of the dress not to the colour. Consider whether your dress is a warm tone or cool tone. Additionally, consider whether your dress is a bright colour or a neutral colour. A brightly coloured dress works well with a neutral piece of diamond jewellery for women. However, a dress in a neutral palette pairs well with with almost any colour. Read our guide to help you choose what jewellery to wear with your spring dress in the colours of the season.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

1. What jewellery to wear with your blue dress

Blues are forecast to be a key colour in the spring season. We will see bright blue hues replacing the current softer tones. Think of blues inspired by the ocean such as cerulean blue and aqua.

Blue is a cool tone so consider pairing your blue spring dress with jewellery in similarly cool tones. A platinum, palladium or white gold piece of jewellery would work perfectly as the cool tone of the metal provides the perfect contrast to blue of any tone. Adding a stone in a cool tone such as green and purple hues can add an extra pop to your spring look. Shimansky’s round brilliant solitaire pendant or a pair of platinum diamond earrings would really enhance the overall look and feel of your spring attire.

Another general guide is to consider the brightness of the colour of your spring dress, and then to work with opposites. Do not match the colour of your accessories to the colour of a bright dress. Therefore, the electric blues and majestic royal blues we will be seeing this spring can be perfectly complimented by a neutral piece of diamond jewellery.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

2. What jewellery to wear with your yellow spring dress

Yellow is a colour that shines in spring and summer as it conjures up thoughts of sunshine, and warm days. This season, yellow is taking on the delicious tones of Mango Mojito and the deeper tone of turmeric. Even fluorescent yellow will be making an appearance. So as not to be overwhelmed by yellow hues, consider pairing your yellow spring dress with jewellery in contrasting colours to your dress. Tanzanite and sapphire stones will shine brilliantly next to the warm yellow.

 Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

3. What jewellery to wear with your white spring dress

White is a classic colour that will feature every season. There are two different options when it comes to pairing jewellery with a white spring dress - the sophisticated, elegant option, and the bold, fun option. White diamonds with a white dress create a luxurious, crisp look. Pair any piece of gorgeous diamond jewellery such a simple diamond bracelet, a diamond pendant or white diamond earrings or a white gold ring to achieve this look.

Alternatively, a white dress serves as a blank canvas for a bold, fun, statement piece of designer diamond jewellery. Be adventurous with different colour diamonds, metal styles, and ring designs. Shimansky’s blue sapphire panther ring would steal the show when wearing a simple white dress.

Beyond clean white dresses, expect off-white tones of white such as butterbeans, sandy tones, creams, and champagne coloured spring dresses. These natural colours are a nod towards eco-minded consumerism and slow fashion. Treat these whites as neutrals, and pair dresses in these colours with understated, classic pieces of original diamond jewellery that will stand the test of time. We love the pairing of a champagne colour spring dress with a piece of rose gold diamond jewellery.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

4. What jewellery to wear with your paige spring dress

Moving into the realm of classic wardrobe staples, paige, natural tans and earthy tones will be seen this spring. Think colours inspired by the ocean, such as sandy browns, sun-bleached driftwood, and dried seaweed. Richer shades such as chocolate brown, mahogany, and burnt toffee will also make an appearance. An earth tone spring dress adds depth and authenticity to your wardrobe, and, treated as a neutral, can be worn with either gold or platinum diamond jewellery.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

5. What jewellery to wear with your green spring dress

Green is synonymous with spring and drawing from the natural world this season presents an array of greens that echo the budding flora. Picture yourself in a feminine neo-mint spring dress, or a more neutral sage or moss green. How about a bright green pepper hue for something a bit more zesty? Bucking the rule of matching the tone of your dress with that of your jewellery, your green spring dress and gold and diamond jewellery are a match made in heaven. A yellow diamond, such as the fancy yellow double row ring by Shimansky, will also enhance the green of your dress to out-of-this world status.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

6. What jewellery to wear with your pink spring dress

It’s time to embrace your femininity and rethink pink. Pink is no longer a cutesy cliche - it can be feminine and strong, traditional and empowering. With a variety hues of pink seen on the runways this season, your pink dress will be right on trend this spring. In it’s more beige tones, pink can act as a neutral and be paired with a gorgeous rose gold piece of jewellery. We love the rose gold ring from the Shimansky My Girl collection.

We will also being seeing dresses in bright, loud pink this spring, as well as a slightly softer coral tones. These pink dresses can be paired with any colour metal, and would work perfectly with a yellow diamond ring. Dresses in softer, gentler pinks, and pink florals are the perfect excuse for all things feminine. These colours will work beautifully with softer designs in flower shapes or hearts. Take a look at the rose gold starlight heart diamond earrings or the two hearts open pavé diamond ring both by Shimansky.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

7. What jewellery to wear with your purple spring dress

Purple has toned down this season from its ultra violet hue in the spot light, to a gentler, softer lavender. This suits the colours of spring perfectly, and lavender will make for the perfect colour spring dress. Paired with fine, feminine gold and diamond jewellery, you’ll be pretty as a picture in your purple dress as you embrace the beauty the season has to offer. Stay away from bright coloured diamonds, choosing white diamonds and delicate pave instead. Shimansky’s My Girl Diamond collection offers some beautiful options for a feminine touch.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

8. What jewellery to wear with your black spring dress

Nothing says classic like a little black dress. Black is a neutral, so when it comes to jewellery it can be paired with just about any colour, design, metal or diamond. With so much choice it’s hard to know where to start. Channel your inner Jackie Kennedy Onassis for an ultra-chic look and pair your LBD (little black dress) with gold and diamond jewellery. This Southern Cross Diamond Pendant by Shimansky would take your spring look to another level.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

9. What jewellery to wear with your orange spring dress

Orange and red tones this spring can be found in the form of earthy natural colours such as terracotta and rust. Step out in a rust coloured dress and enhance the beauty of this deep, warm colour with either platinum diamond jewellery, or gold and diamond jewellery. Keeping in the warm tones of orange and red, yellow is the perfect accompaniment to rich rust and terracotta. We love this fancy yellow diamond bracelet by Shimansky, with its claw set cushion and 18k yellow gold. Shimansky’s fancy yellow diamond ring or their fancy yellow pavé earrings would also work well worn with your rust colour dress. In fact, with a colour this bold you can wear multiple pieces without overwhelming the look.

Match your spring dress with the perfect piece of jewellery | Shimansky

10. What jewellery to wear with your printed spring dress

While florals will always be big in spring, animal prints (think leopard skin and snake skin), and African wax prints and katenges will be joining them as the prints of the season. When it comes to pairing your print dress with a jewellery, the key is to match the colour of your jewellery to a detail in the print, and not to the overall colour of the print. For example, a platinum emerald cut ring may bring out a touch of greenery in a floral-print dress.

This season we are seeing a spectrum of colours which offers something for all tastes and styles. Whether you’re into brights and fun colours that announce spring with a bang or classic neutral tones such as your blacks, whites and earthy colours, your spring dress and accompanying jewellery will be right on trend. We invite you to your nearest Shimansky showroom to indulge in viewing our wide selection of beautiful platinum and gold diamond jewellery pieces. We will help you select the perfect piece of jewellery to match your perfect colour spring dress.