Where do black diamonds come from?

A black diamond has become a very popular alternative for the less traditional bride-to-be. The reason? The magnificent stone provides the bride with a variety of different styles and gives her an opportunity to create a unique signature jewellery piece. When it comes to a black diamond the most popular choice is to design a ring with contrasting features; the remarkable gemstone truly has no limits. But where exactly do these fascinating black diamonds come from?


It is widely believed that black diamonds originate from a meteor that fell from the sky millions of years ago. Research also established that black diamonds were created in the same way as colourless diamonds; the element, carbon was compressed 150km – 200km below the earth’s crust due to high pressure and extreme heat. The only fascinating difference is the formation of black diamonds are caused by inclusions such as graphite, pyrite or hematite that come across throughout the diamond.

Black diamonds may also have a few fractions which become dark in colour due to graphitisation. The concentrations in the diamond will also appear black where the polycrystalline structure prevents the gemstone from reflecting any light. Also, a black diamond is completely opaque and doesn’t have the refractive index as a colourless diamond, but still remains remarkable in its own right.

The beautiful gemstone can only be found in certain parts of the world. Shimansky offers a one of a kind black diamond collection in the form of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. To view, the signature pieces visit your nearest store.


Shimansky Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are part of the fancy colour diamond family, and like most fancy colour diamonds the gemstone is rare and valuable. But fortunate for a black diamond enthusiast, the gemstone is considered to be fairly affordable with the value depending on the intensity of the colour.


Shimansky Black Diamonds



Black diamonds became extremely popular during the late 20th century. But why did the demand for black diamonds suddenly increase during that time? There are multiple reasons why the beautiful diamond caught everyone’s attention, but the most common speculation is because designers started to use black diamonds to create a contrast between colourless diamonds. The gemstone simply also became a must-have jewellery accessory after Mr Big from the Sex and City series proposed to long-time partner, Carrie Bradshaw with a five carat black diamond engagement ring. Other famous Hollywood stars like Carmen Electra and tattoo artist Kat Von D also started debuting the fascinating stone a few years later.


Shimansky Black Diamonds

  • A black diamond is a wonderful option to create a breathtakingly beautiful contrast between different colours of diamonds.
  • A jewellery item with black diamonds makes a statement when pairing it with an outfit; the gemstone is considered to be very versatile.
  • Pairing a white diamond with a black diamond gives it an elegant look and feel.
  • A black diamond is unique. Its popularity grew over the years due to the variety of options the stone provides when it comes to designing a jewellery item.


Shimansky Black Diamonds

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