There’s nothing quite like watching two people in love, experiencing one of the most memorable and romantic moments of their lives together. At Shimansky, we believe the emotion behind the giving and receiving of a piece of Shimansky jewellery is as important as the design itself. It’s about making the ultimate commitment and marking that moment with a diamond that symbolises a milestone to be remembered forever.

Kyle Burnett shared a very special video and story with us on how he proposed to the love of his life, Carly Grigoratos. Having dated for almost seven years, Kyle said he finally plucked up the courage to pop the big question, and arranged an unforgettable marriage proposal that was captured on film.

Finding the perfect engagement ring is usually no easy feat for most, but with the guidance of Shimansky, Kyle found ‘the ring’ that his now-fiancé never lets out of her sight. He chose a My Girl™ diamond ring, a unique eight-sided square cut exclusive to Shimansky and cannot be bought anywhere else in the world. This ring is truly unique in that unlike most diamond cuts that only reflect light from the top, the My Girl™ ring reflects light when viewed from any angle. Simply put, it’s the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation and took Yair Shimansky and his team over three years to perfect.

Having been so inspired by this ring, Kyle and his brother Ryan wrote a proposal song aptly titled “My Girl”.

“Words cannot explain how much I love this lady, but we wrote a proposal song that came pretty close,” said Kyle. He organised for Carly’s favourite band, Lonehill Estate, to help perfect the song and then perform in front of hundreds of people at Tanz Cafe in Johannesburg. Fifty of their closest friends and family were there to share the magical moment when Kyle went down on one knee during the performance and asked Carly if she would be “his girl” by marrying him. Watch the video of this heart-warming proposal.



My Girl Proposal Song

Lyrics to the song “My Girl” written by Kyle Burnett, Ryan Burnett and Lonehill Estate:

“Try a little tenderness for your love
Coz it’s your love I’m trying to win
Feels like forever that we’ve been together
But our story’s about to begin
About a bottle of wine later your hiccups start
You giggle but you know what I’ve found
Your hiccups, yes your drunken wine hiccups
To me are a beautiful sound
My girl, you are, my world
My girl, you are, my world
Tried a little romance to show you how
Just how much you mean to me
I was gonna wait until we were alone
But I got my whole family in free
My girl, you are, my world
My girl, you are, my world
The road ahead is such a long road
But I will make sure that you never walk alone
So I’ll get down on my knee
Will you marry me?
My girl, you are,
Kyle’s girl
My girl, you are, my whole world.”
Congratulations Kyle and Carly, we wish you an everlasting love and a lifetime of happiness together.