Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery For Summer

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Summer jewellery trends are even more exciting than they’ve been before. There’s a fancy colour diamond that has also made its way into the spotlight – yellow diamonds. While many celebrities have recently chosen yellow diamonds for engagement rings, our passion for canary-hued gems go back more than a decade. J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez) famously received a remarkable push present from ex, Marc Anthony to mark the birth of her twins in 2008. The custom yellow diamond ring was valued at an estimated $2.8 million (R42 461 132).


A spectacular selection of yellow diamonds are found in iconic designs from the Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Collection. We invite you to visit a Shimansky showroom and view the unique selection.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Make a move to fancy coloured diamonds

Light yellow diamonds are a lot more accessible because they are not as rare as their yellow cousins in shades such as intense yellow diamonds, and deep fancy vivid yellow diamonds. The value of a yellow diamond is based on the colour intensity and the size of the gemstone. It means if you’ve got your heart set on a yellow diamond ring or pendant, your dream can come true this summer.

Let’s take a look at the hottest jewellery trends right now and how yellow diamonds can bring them to life.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Stacked rings

Wearing more than one ring on a finger isn't about wearing every piece you've got in your collection at once. Instead, it's about curating your look by pairing rings of different widths, with various gems and designs together, to create a new look. One way to master this look with yellow diamond rings is to wear yellow diamond eternity rings, or a band studded with yellow diamonds, on either side (or with) your more traditional white diamond ring.

Stacking rings is about being playful and creative too. There are no rules. Mix up different shades of gems and metals and play with silhouettes and shapes. Finish off your look with on-trend nail polish and your hands are ready for summer.

Yellow gold

From pendants to stacked bracelets, to multiple earrings – bold gold jewellery has never been more popular. The beautiful thing about gold as a setting for yellow diamonds is that they make the yellow shade appear darker. What we know about yellow diamonds is that the darker they are naturally, the rarer they are – and of course more valuable.

So, if you're after a yellow diamond pendant to wear layered with necklaces, a yellow gold setting is the way to go. Gold complements sun-kissed skin. Bring on summer.

This brings us to another key trend: layered necklaces. What you want is to combine different necklaces and chain lengths to follow this trend. It could be a yellow diamond pendant paired with a classic necklace. Or a mix of different metal pendants layered below a yellow diamond pendant that sits on your neck. It's a feminine, fun look perfect to wear with the season's floral dresses.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Multi-coloured gems

We've seen fancy coloured diamonds on a few famous fingers in recent years. Maria Carey's 17-carat, emerald cut diamond engagement ring was surrounded by 58 pink diamonds. A diamond that comes in an unusual shade is alluring and unforgettable

In a nod to this, in the fashion world this summer, we're seeing jewellery with multiple shades of precious gemstones combined. What about mixing up different shades of yellow diamonds to create a unique piece? Some yellow diamonds also have secondary colours, which include orange-yellow, green-yellow, and brown yellow. Think of all the combinations…

Tennis necklaces have also taken off this summer. Typically, a mix of precious coloured gemstones, a yellow diamond variant is a showstopper.

If you have a love for fancy colour diamonds, then a yellow diamond is an accessible option. Yellow diamonds are the most affordable fancy coloured diamonds because they are the least rare in this category. The price of a yellow diamond is based on the colour intensity of the gem. Always buy from a reputable jeweller, like Shimansky, and ask to see if the gem is GIA certified.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Multi-stud earrings

One stud, two studs, three studs more... A ‘string of bling’ in the form of multiple diamond stud earrings worn at once is both eye-catching, and fun. For a beachside holiday, it's also convenient. You can put on your series of studs and look glamorous on the sand, poolside and take the look straight to evening functions.

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades. A creative take on the multi-stud earrings would be to ‘ombre' your yellow diamond earrings. Wear them ranging from canary yellow through to light yellow and onto colourless diamond studs.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

So, apart from being your perfect partner to nail summer jewellery trends, what else do yellow diamonds have to offer? As a yellow diamond, they’re thought to be associated with the look we want for summer. Yellow diamonds represent happiness, creative energy, and inner strength.

Perhaps that’s why Lady Gaga chose a massive yellow diamond when she stepped out on the red carpet at the 91st Annual Academy Awards. The yellow diamond gracing the fashion icon’s neck was none other than Tiffany & Co.’s legendary yellow diamond – a 141-year-old, 128.5-carat yellow diamond. Audrey Hepburn last wore the famous gem in 1961, when she posed for publicity shots for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” At the same event as Gaga, Oscar nominee Yalitza Aparicio also sported a Fancy Yellow Diamond Drop Earrings set in 18k White and Yellow Gold and Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring set in 18k white and yellow gold.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Creative, versatile, and bang on trend – yellow diamonds are the perfect jewellery for spring/summer. Before you hit the pool, here are some care guides for your diamonds.

Avoid bathing, swimming, or showering with your yellow diamond engagement ring or jewellery. Pool water, in particular, contains chemicals such as chlorine, which can be damaging. Also, avoid wearing your items when you're applying sunscreen. It can coat a diamond and diminish its brilliance. If you're on the beach and forgot to remove your diamond ring, avoid making sandcastles with children. When you remove your jewellery, wipe it off with a soft cloth to ensure its dry and clean.

While traveling to and from your vacation, don't throw all your jewellery together. You want to prevent scratching, dulling, and tangling of chains. Rather store your fine jewellery in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewellery boxes. Diamonds, in particular, can scratch your other jewellery.

Yellow Diamonds: The Perfect Jewellery for Summer | Shimansky

Lastly, keep your yellow diamond jewellery clean so that it can sparkle its way with you through summer. To do so, clean it with warm dish soap and water. Or, take it to your jeweller and have it professionally cleaned. At the same time, ask your jeweller to check the piece to ensure all the prongs are tight, so you don't lose your precious yellow diamond. Learn more about how to clean and care for your diamond rings and fine jewellery

Buy a certified yellow diamond

Every yellow diamond from the today.Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Collection comes with a .certificate confirming the attributes of the diamond and that it is verified natural by Gemological Institute of America. All gems sold by Shimansky Diamonds New York are also conflict-free. Book an appointment with us today.