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Article: Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day

A unique take on capturing memories and honouring dads through sentimental stories.

Father’s Day is celebrated the world-over to honour dads, father-figures and the incredible role that they play in our lives. This year on Sunday, the 16th of June, it’s time to spoil dad!

Celebrating Father’s Day takes on different forms of recognition from big displays of affection to simpler, yet special expressions of love. It’s a day to bring to light the impact of a bond so strong that it ripples across our lives.

It goes without saying that for some Father’s Day is a difficult day. Especially for those who have lost this key figure, but what remains are beautiful, sometimes humorous stories that weave together in remembrance. We think of those too who have only memories to hold onto. There is a heart-breaking set of emotions that allows us empathy for an insurmountable loss. At Shimansky we hope that despite your loss you will still manage to commemorate your father. For his strengths, weaknesses and humanness.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to make sure that in the living years, your father knows just how important and special he is.

We chatted to a few of our team members to bring together a selection of heartfelt feelings and memories and to share the different types of fathers each with their own unique methods and ways which have added to shaping our lives. Our Shimansky team will be sharing a few stories with you in our blog posts.



Lessons from my Dad: Being Brave!

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of my dad or Pappa as we call him is “strong”. Behind that strength lies a disciplined man who has worked his whole life to provide safety and opportunities for my sister and I. His strength of mind and exceptional work ethic have been a driving force throughout my life. It was only when I left home and travelled that his lessons really came to the forefront of my mind. I had a realisation that this man, my dad had set in motion a series of incredible lessons for my benefit. I was amazed at how these added up overtime to somehow equip me to deal with so many of life’s most uncomfortable situations. Above all he taught me how to be brave and for that I am grateful. It’s in hindsight that I see the stacking of small, sometimes mundane day to day things that he taught me. I often wonder to myself, how did he know what to do, how did he know how to teach an impressionable young child? It’s the time he invested in the smallest of things that made the most impact. It was teaching me how to run, how to do well, how to have my mind be strong, even when my body didn’t think I could go faster. It was the hours spent swimming together as a family, challenging my sister and I to games, daring us to go a bit deeper and try a little bit harder. It was his patience with me as I battled through math’s homework. His methodical and practical mind teaching me to think clearly. The daily timetables tests or encouraging me to write and read to expand my world. It’s the meticulous care he takes in his own work, how he treats people of all walks of life that still leaves an impression on me. As I enter a different chapter of my life I hold these lessons dear.

Life has changed, but now it’s our Friday night phone calls when he offers a pep talk, wise words or stories from his week. What an honour it is to have a father who is still here, although in another city, but with his lessons ever present in my mind. I can only hope to impart some of his wisdom and care to those I meet. It’s the lessons of grit that keep me going and the reflections on his life, dedicated to our little family. This Father’s Day and in fact everyday I want him to know what a difference he made and is still making and how what he taught me still helps me through each and every challenge.”
- Nadia / Shimansky


Our Shimansky family would love to hear your heartfelt and unique Father’s Day stories or even fun and interesting family traditions for celebrating.

Lookout for the next blog post in our series of Shimansky Stories as we journey towards Father's Day. Leave us a comment and share your most memorable story about your dad or follow along on our social media as we chat more about the different types of father figures. We will also be sharing a few unique ways to spoil dad this Father's Day!

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