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Discover the unique Caesar Diamond Ring collection exclusive to Shimansky. Both classic and fashionable, this timeless design is perfectly suited to the modern woman. Each ring in the collection is crafted in the finest quality 18K yellow gold, studded with bezel set round brilliant cut diamonds for scintillating effect. All of our diamonds are ethically mined and hand crafted in South Africa.

Caesar Ring | Shimansky

A beautiful choice for a wedding band or anniversary gift, the Caesar Ring collection is available in three exquisite and striking designs. The Caesar Classic Ring features a stunning yellow gold band set with sparkling diamonds in the centre. The Caesar Light Ring has an air of elegance with two delicate bands joined by diamonds in its centre. The Caesar Classic Raised Ring is similar to the Classic Ring yet features a raised edge for added detail. Whichever design in our Caesar collection you fall in love with, it is certain to reflect your most precious moments and become a masterpiece that you will treasure forever.

Timeless yellow gold

Yellow gold was chosen for the Caesar Ring Collection because of its timeless appeal and warm golden hue, which is universally flattering on all skin tones.

Despite trends for white and rose (pink) gold, yellow gold has maintained its classic look, making it the perfect choice for wedding and engagement rings. Whether you prefer a vintage style or modern design, yellow gold is both traditional and trendy. Thus, while trends in precious metals may come and go - yellow gold has and shall remain a timeless trend.

Caesar Ring | Shimansky

About yellow gold

While we often think of yellow gold as being pure, the yellow gold used for rings is an alloy made by combining pure gold with metals such as zinc and copper. The purity of yellow gold is specified in karats, with 10K, 14K and 18K varieties being the most common. This refers to the amount of gold in the alloy. For example, 18K means that 18 parts of the alloy are pure gold and six parts are alloy. The higher the karat amount, the higher the actual gold content, but the less durable the piece of jewellery is. For this reason, 18K gold is used for wedding and engagement rings.

History of yellow gold

Since the ancient times, gold has been a valued commodity treasured for its durability and ability to remain untarnished when exposed to air and water. It is a bright yellow metal in its pure form, and is soft and malleable. It is also one of the least reactive chemical agents found in nature.

Gold has had many uses throughout history, including coinage, jewellery, and art. Today, gold is widely used in dentistry, medicine, electronics, industrial application, and commercial chemistry. The desire to find and control gold has affected countries through war, marriages and economic disruptions.

Behind the name Caesar

The name Caesar holds plenty of historical meaning and mystery around it. The name may have had many meanings, including that an ancestor had been born by caesarean section. It also might have reflected a good head of hair, grey eyes or celebrated Caesar killing an elephant.

Caesar Ring | Shimansky

About Julius Caesar

When you hear the name Caesar, one most likely associates it with the most famous ancient Roman of them all: Julius Caesar. Caesar was known as a victorious general, popular political leader and prolific author, and his life story is an important historical source for the era.

Julius Caesar was born into the Roman political ruling class, on 12th or 13th July, 100 BC. He was named Gaius Julius Caesar, like his father and grandfather before him. Both had been republican officials, but the Julian clan’s greatest link to high power when Julius was born was through marriage.

The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods or splinters that had broken off of falling stars. It was also stated in Roman literature that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds.

Caesar’s family claimed to be descended from the gods. The Julia clan believed they were offspring of Iulus, son of Aeneas Prince of Troy whose mother was supposed to be Venus herself.

Caesar’s name has come to mean monarch or ruler; however, Julius Caesar was never an Emperor of Rome. First as Consul then as Dictator for life, he led the way for the end of the Republic and the start of the Empire.

Julius Caesar was famous not only for his military and political successes, but also for his relationship with Cleopatra the VII. The relationship has its beginnings in the Egyptian ruler’s ascent to power at the hands of the Roman dictator. It was at first a political alliance.

The pair’s need of one another was mutual. Cleopatra required the might of Caesar’s armies to install her as ruler of Egypt, while Caesar was in need of Cleopatra’s vast wealth. She is believed to have been the world’s richest woman at the time and able to finance Caesar’s return to power in Rome.

During the time in which Caesar stayed with Cleopatra in Egypt, he is believed to have fathered her son, Ptolemy XV Caesarion, born on 24 June 47 BC.

Caesar Ring | Shimansky

The Julian Calendar

Julius Caesar established the Julian Calendar in 46 BCE and was based on a year of 365 1/4 days, which means that it had an annual error of 11 minutes. Around this time in history, it was being decided which dates of the year Easter would fall on. This meant that since Easter was calculated on a fixed date for the spring equinox (March 21), and since due to the 11 minutes’ error, the calendar was drifting backwards at a rate of approximately 1 day every 128 years, the Easter calculation could never be accurate according to the Julian calendar. The Julian Calendar was already three days behind by 325 CE.

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With a beautiful statement design and a strong name enriched with historical significance and meaning, the Caesar Ring collection is sure to captivate and delight for years to come. Discover this magical diamond ring collection at your nearest Shimansky store.