“I do” – two words that hold a lifetime of meaning, promise and love. Saying “I do” is perhaps the most powerful statement one can make: the promise of a commitment to the one you love for a lifetime, through good times and bad. It’s an acknowledgement of your deep, undivided love; your loyalty and your intention of building a life with your partner. These words are traditionally spoken at the wedding ceremony, but the promise is made the moment a man asks a woman for her hand in marriage.

Shimansky I Do Collection 

The moments before a proposal can be nerve-wrecking for even the most level-headed of men. Telling the one you love that you want more than romance; that you want to connect on the deepest level possible, is not an easy feat. However, when a man knows he wants to marry a woman, he  knows how far they have come, and how far they will go together. When he asks for her heart, he already knows her answer.

Suddenly, a little word like “yes” opens up a world of possibilities.


The I Do engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of your love and commitment to a rewarding future together. The intense precision and remarkable craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the I Do engagement ring makes it the perfect ring to celebrate your first step on a lifelong journey together. The experience and dedication that goes into the making of the ring mirrors the hard work that went into the building of the relationship – living proof that with dedication, commitment and passion, something magnificent can be created.

Your Shimansky I Do diamond engagement ring is the perfect reminder of the beautiful moment upon which you uttered the words, “I do.” With every glance at this stunning creation of jewellery, you are transported back to the precious moment you hold so dear to your heart.

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The heart is a classic symbol of love and romance, and has been used in jewellery design for decades. From the time a young girl draws hearts all over her notebooks, to the day she incorporates the symbol in her wedding, the heart is a timeless representation of love. When a man presents a woman with a heart-shaped jewellery creation, she can be certain of his feelings for her.

Shimansky I Do Engagement Ring

The Shimansky I Do engagement ring is set with a beautiful round brilliant cut solitaire diamond. Two elegant hearts meet in the middle in understated sophistication to hold the solitaire diamond in place. Four delicate yet firm claws secure the position of the diamond. Though subtle, the hearts add a beautiful touch of romance. Just like they support the diamond securely in the ring, your heart and your partner’s heart, together, hold an unbreakable bond of love. The simplicity and classic design of the ring gives it an undeniable elegance that will make it a treasured jewellery creation now, and for generations to come.

Precision craftsmanship | Shimansky 

The I Do engagement ring is available in your choice of platinum, or 18K white, yellow or rose gold, and a matching wedding band is available to complete the set. It can be specially created based on your specifications with a hand-selected My Girl, round brilliant or cushion cut Shimansky diamond.

The brilliant round cut diamond is traditionally a favourite cut and shape for a diamond engagement ring. Its various facets catch the light beautifully, creating scintillation and sparkle. For those who prefer a diamond that resembles a slight square or rectangle shape, but that still has the softness of a round cut, a cushion cut diamond can be used. The My Girl diamond cut is a popular choice for those who want something unique. It is a Shimansky exclusive and internationally patented cut (and the first patented diamond cut to emerge from South Africa). The world’s first square cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table, it has a truly unique cut that will set your ring apart.