Evolym Microset diamond band


  • Evolym Diamond Wedding Ring
  • Evolym Diamond Wedding Ring
Evolym microset diamond band Evolym micro set diamond band Evolym micro set diamond band Evolym micro set diamond band

Evolym microset diamond band


The Evolym wedding band shown is delicately crafted with micro set diamonds and set in fine 18K white gold.

Manufactured to order, the Evolym micro set wedding band can be especially created to your specific finger size to perfectly complement the Evolym diamond engagement ring.

CODE: EVR-10160

Designer Notes

Exclusive to Shimansky, this beautiful designer wedding band completes your Evolym Diamond Engagement Ring. Sitting flush with your engagement ring, it celebrates the journey of marriage, and serves as a reminder of the lifelong commitment made on the special day of your wedding.

The beauty of the micro set diamonds in the band brings out the beauty of the solitaire diamond in your engagement ring. "My Love" written in reverse, the Evolym Diamond Wedding Ring is a masterpiece of love to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

CODE: EVR-10160

CODE: EVR-10160

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