Pear Millennium Ring


  • Millennium Pear Shaped Diamond Ring
  • Pear Shaped Shimansky Millennium Ring

Millennium Ring Pear Shape

The Millennium diamond ring shown has been set with a 0.78ct Shimansky pear shaped diamond in platinum.

This unique diamond engagement ring is available to order based on your specifications with a hand-selected Shimansky diamond.

CODE: MIR-10077

Designer Notes
With a pear-shaped solitaire diamond instead of a round cut diamond, the Pear Shaped Millennium Ring is an alternative version of the original Millennium Diamond Engagement Ring. Set securely between two bands, the pear shaped diamond is the main focus of the design. The metal bands move with the shape of the diamond, offering an interesting and unique shape.

A symbol of the joining of two lives, the Pear Shaped Millennium Ring is a beautiful representation of your love. Like two lives come together, the two bands in the ring come together, hugging a beautiful diamond, the symbol of forever. Exclusive to Shimansky, the Millennium Ring is handcrafted to perfection in-house, to ensure the exquisite quality of the item.

CODE: MIR-10077

CODE: MIR-10077

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