7 Ways To Make a Difference on Mandela Day

Ways to Celebrate Mandela Day | Shimansky South Africa

Celebrated every year on 18 July in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, Mandela Day is a movement that takes place across the world. It’s a call for people to make a positive change in their own lives as well as the lives of others. A little kindness goes a long way, and no matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did. Here are seven ways you can spend 67 minutes to help make a meaningful difference on Mandela Day, or any day.

1. Donate your time

Visit your local old age home or hospital and spend time with the patients or elderly reading books, playing board games or doing tasks they’re unable to do themselves.

2. Volunteer at an animal shelter

There are plenty of animal shelters and charities in need of assistance. Select one close to your heart and assist with walking the dogs, loving cats or playing with the animals. Or help with the DIY such as help wash kennels or repair items in need of fixing. You can also collect food and blankets, old towels, toys and other animal related items to drop off.

Ways to Celebrate Mandela Day | Shimansky South Africa

4. Organise a clean up

Show your care for the environment by organising a clean-up in your local community, park, beach or an area that is in need of some TLC.

5. Feed the hungry

Make some homemade sandwiches and hand out to the street children and homeless folks in your area. Or join your local soup kitchen to prepare some hot meals for the needy. You could also start a food garden at home or donate seeds to a local school or church

Ways to Celebrate Mandela Day | Shimansky South Africa

6. Save lives

Donate much-needed blood to the South African National Blood Service (SANBC) at your nearest donor centre. Blood transfusion are crucial in the treatment of various health conditions and your donation can help save a life. By signing up as an organ donor, you can save up to seven lives. The registration process is quick and easy. Visit the Organ Donor Foundation’s website to learn more.


Ways to Celebrate Mandela Day | Shimansky South Africa

7. Offer your skills

Donate your time and skills to non-profit companies and charities in need, who don’t have the funds to put into hiring skilled professionals such as IT pros, designers, marketers and more. Your skills can help create a new website for their cause or set up a new computer system