Get The Look: Jennifer Aniston’s Red Carpet Style Decoded for You

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

A few weeks ago, one of our favourite ‘Friends’, Jennifer Aniston, broke Instagram when she eventually joined the social media site, by posting a recent photo of all five Friends hanging out casually in LA. Within an hour of joining she had a million followers, and now, a week later, her tally is sitting at over 18.6 million followers, having posted just eight pictures. Arguably Jennifer Aniston is the most popular of all the cast on Instagram. And of course, we all know that she is the most stylish.

Jennifer Aniston has very seldom wavered from her clean, iconic style. Red carpets for her mean a variation on the theme of little black dress, heels and a piece of statement diamond jewellery. She has made this work for the past twenty-five years by constantly updating the same look with contemporary and classic designs and reimagining her jewellery.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

In the beginning, Jennifer Aniston would sometimes pair a cuff and a necklace with her black dress, but for the last couple of decades, she has limited this to one statement jewellery piece per look. She keeps every look clean and polished, uncluttered, simple and really letting the dress and the diamond jewellery be the showstoppers.

And the best part of all of this excitement, is that you can easily get this look yourself. Read on to find out how you can capture the brilliance of Jennifer Aniston’s red-carpet style.


The experienced Shimansky consultants in our showrooms will gladly discuss Friends and help you pair your little black dress with the perfect diamond jewellery. We invite you to visit a Shimansky showroom to choose an iconic Shimansky jewellery design that suits you.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The One That Starts It All With A Dress

The starting point for almost every Jennifer Aniston red carpet look, is the little black dress. This means that whether the occasion is day or night, fancy or relaxed, you will always be appropriate. You can’t go wrong with a well-designed, flattering black dress – we recommend you have a few in your wardrobe at all times. But the real secret to Jennifer Aniston’s ability to keep things fresh, is that she modernises her dress choices and keeps them extremely simple and contemporary. It may be yet another black dress, but it always has a modern attitude and limited fuss. Ruffles and feathers are fun for some, but they are not for this Friend.

This simple, monochrome palette provides a background for the diamond jewellery to really breathe and look magnificent. And allows Jennifer Aniston herself to remain the star of the show. And by limiting it to one brilliant show-stopping jewellery creation per outfit, you get maximum attention for your diamonds. Nothing looks better paired with an LBD than magnificent contemporary diamond jewellery.

So, now that you know how to choose the right dress – black, simple, modern – let’s discuss the ways in which you can bring it to life with the perfect diamond jewellery.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The One With The Diamond Earrings

There is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston likes a pair of statement earrings more than any other jewellery. If you take a look back at all her best red carpet looks, they feature the LBD and a pair of diamond earrings that she showcases by styling her iconic hair to show them off.

Jennifer Aniston is quite adventurous with her earring selections and, as a result, some have been more successful than others over the years. To truly capture the best of her red carpet style, there are a few that deserve special mention and these are the ones that you should try and emulate.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The diamond hoop earrings are a favourite and have been worn a few times. Hoops never go out of style and are the perfect gift to ask for this Christmas. They are also an easy design to transition from a day event to a big, posh evening gala without having to feel you have to ‘dress them up’. Shimansky’s Huggie Diamond Earring Hoops should go to the top of the wish list for achieving the iconic Jennifer Aniston style for the festive season.

At the more ambitious end of the statement earrings that Jennifer Aniston has worn, there is a pair of ‘starburst’ earrings that really caught attention. Not only did they look magnificent, negating the need for any other decoration, but they also emphasised how big a star she has become around the world. Shimansky has a pair of beautiful Star Burst Diamond Earrings, featuring the beautiful fancy yellow diamonds alongside baguette cut diamonds, which would be a dream to pair with your LBD at the next event you attend.

And for truly show-stopping, megawatt, star power, you can’t ignore the 100-carat statement diamond earrings worn to the 2017 Oscars. As ever paired with her dazzling black dress, and no other accessories, these diamond drop earrings got everyone talking. Of course, unless you are also attending the Academy Awards itself, you should probably aim for a beautiful pair of diamond drop earrings, like these Marquise Diamond Earrings. This is peak Jennifer Aniston style.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The One With The Layered Diamonds

And while Jennifer Aniston loves a statement earring more than anything else, her other red carpet trick that is worth adopting for yourself is to layer a set of diamond tennis bracelets or, less frequently, necklaces. By stacking a few diamond tennis bracelets on top of each other, she maintains her Californian-style-insouciance whilst also being red carpet appropriate. She did this cleverly at the 2013 Oscars – and shocked everyone by replacing her LBD with a dazzling red dress. But don’t wait for a massive ceremony to wear your stack of diamond tennis bracelets, you can do this for everyday-wear too. Top up your collection from a beautiful selection of diamond tennis bracelets at Shimansky. You can never have too many of these iconic diamond designs.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The One With The Diamond Engagement Ring

OK, so there have actually been two diamond engagement rings that Jennifer Aniston has worn over the years and you can choose which one works with your style better, as they are quite different. The first diamond engagement ring, from Brad Pitt, was sculptural and was made up on concentric circles of diamonds, very much reflecting the more intellectual and romantic part of her identity. You can choose a similar piece, with loads of romance, from the Shimansky Starlight Collection to represent your love.

 Jennifer Aniston’s Brilliant Red Carpet Style | Shimansky

The second engagement ring was much larger, and more of a public statement of a diamond engagement ring. Its clean simplicity very much reflective of an older and wiser Jennifer Aniston, being in her forties at the time. Justin Theroux presented her with a 10-carat rose-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring set in 18K yellow gold and for those of you who relate to this more mature Jen, you can browse the iconic, contemporary engagement ring designs from Shimansky, and find the perfect ring to suit your style.

For all the Friends fans, and those that just admire the eternal style of its star, Jennifer Aniston, be sure to make an appointment to visit Shimansky for your bespoke personal consultation on what diamond jewellery would suit your style – bring along that LBD, or even your personal stylist, so our consultants can really provide the best advice. We look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms.