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Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

Glimmering like the golden African sun, natural Fancy Yellow diamonds are truly exquisite. The Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery Collection captures the magical beauty of these rare diamonds in a range of eye-catching and iconic designs.

Created with various cuts and shapes to maximise the yellow diamond’s brilliance, whether you are searching for a pear-shaped yellow diamond, an elegant oval solitaire, a cushion cut trilogy or a unique vintage style yellow diamond ring; you are certain to find the perfect Shimansky creation that suits your style.


Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery



Naturally occurring Fancy Yellow, otherwise known as Canary Diamonds are absolutely fascinating.

Firstly, when referring to diamonds, “Fancy” isn’t simply an overused adjective, it’s the technical term for naturally occurring diamonds of colour, as outlined by the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA.

The next query that often presents itself is “Are yellow diamonds worth more than white diamonds?” We cover this topic thoroughly on our website, but to sum it up, “...Vivid Fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable.” - GIA.

The simple reason for the value of Fancy Yellow diamonds is their rarity; for every 1,000 white diamonds mined, only 1 Fancy Yellow diamond is found. There are many other factors that influence worth; being mainly the classic 5c’s; cut, clarity, colour, carat & confidence. You can read more about that here. The only difference between the evaluation of a Fancy Yellow diamond and a white diamond is that generally, the more colour a yellow diamond contains the more valuable the stone, whereas the opposite is true for a white diamond. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s peruse.



Looking for a piece that harks back to another era? Vintage style Fancy Yellow diamond rings are in high demand. The marriage of truly classical design with the finest, ethically sourced diamonds and virgin metals affords one the sentimentality of a vintage engagement ring, without any of the anxiety as to the ethical manner in which the elements were acquired, or concerns as to the overall structural integrity of the ring.


Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery


This Fancy Yellow three stone ring is a remarkable example of the aforementioned vintage style yellow diamond ring. And as is so evident, the sparkle of this oval yellow diamond is quite staggering. With two half moon white diamonds seemingly lifting the centre stone, this design finds the harmonious middle ground between statement and sophistication.


Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery


This Oval Fancy Yellow diamond ring simply dazzles with fire, brilliance and scintillation. This sun yellow oval cut diamond, set in 18K yellow gold, is complemented by pavé set white diamonds in 18K white gold.

If you’re searching for majesty, the Oval Shape Fancy Yellow diamond ring with pavé round brilliant diamonds is utterly resplendent.

Another inspired illustration of the vintage style is the Oval Fancy Yellow diamond ring. With six round, brilliant cut side diamonds, this setting has a regal, graceful appeal, all while emphasising the dazzling, morning sunlight emulated by the centre stone set in 18K yellow gold. And once again we have all the charm of a vintage piece, with none of the ethical and structural concerns.

It's the attention-to-detail that makes a Shimansky engagement ring; only the very finest diamonds qualify to be cut and polished into the classic brilliant cut, and our Oval Fancy Yellow diamond ring has six of these complementing the yellow diamond centre stone. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, we do not compromise on quality, ever. And secondly, the fire, brilliance and scintillation of these diamonds needs to be consistent. That’s what makes it a Shimansky.

Our final vintage inspired exemplar and coupe de grace is the frankly astonishing five stone Oval Shape tube set ring with Fancy Yellow diamonds. This piece pays homage to past, but also serves as a paradigm as to what can be achieved when one combines classical design elements with contemporary techniques and the finest possible materials. But there’s more to Fancy Yellow diamonds than solely vintage appeal.

The innovative Fancy Yellow Oval Evolym diamond ring is simply breathtaking. This Shimansky original is a truly stunning example of a yellow diamond engagement ring designed to stand out. The ring shown features a scintillating 0.84ct oval solitaire diamond elegantly set between two outer bands and suspended above a micro set band. The tension setting unlocks the true brilliance of the diamond with a 360-degree exposure to light.

Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

Designed to be noticed, our yellow diamond halo engagement rings are striking, bold and vivid. The Fancy Yellow halo diamond ring is meticulously crafted with a 1.02ct radiant cut diamond polished to reflect the light with your every movement. The centre stone, set in 18K yellow gold, is enhanced by a halo of micro set white diamonds around and on the shank set in 18K white gold, creates a shimmering display of dancing sunlight.

Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

The pear-shape diamond cut, also referred to as the ‘teardrop shaped diamond’, has an elegant and elongated shape with an antique feel and a distinctive, romantic appearance. This unique cut is versatile and displays beautifully in a variety of settings. Clean and contemporary, unique and timeless, Shimansky’s selection of pear-shaped yellow diamond jewellery includes an array of rings, pendants and earrings that dazzles with brilliance. The Shimansky exclusive Pear-Shape Fancy Yellow Millennium style ring is both elegant and understated. This exquisite pear-shaped yellow diamond ring is crafted with a perfectly cut 1.04ct pear-shaped diamond with micro set diamonds set in 18K white gold adding shimmer to the two opposing bands.

Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

Combining a a signature Shimansky cut, the My Girl diamond emphasises brilliance and gives great fire and scintillation. Designed with breathtaking simplicity and elegant design details, the timeless My Girl Solitaire ring puts the focus on a single dazzling yellow diamond claw set in 18K white gold.

Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

The Fancy Yellow trilogy ring boasts a square cushion cut centre diamond flanked by two glittering white diamonds sealing your love forever.



Yellow diamonds don’t just make for dazzling digits. Due to their rarity and captivating colour, yellow diamonds bring something extra special to almost any piece of jewellery, as illuminated below.

The Pear-Shape Fancy Yellow diamond pendant boasting a 1.61ct yellow diamond is designed to celebrate those unforgettable moments in life. The shimmering centre stone is framed by a dazzling border of white micro set round brilliant cut diamonds that follow the curves of the yellow diamond. Matching the pendant, the Pear-Shape Fancy Yellow diamond earrings display remarkable craftsmanship and design excellence and are made to celebrate true love and affection.


Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery

The Tube Set Cushion pendant with pavé diamonds is sure to garner attention. It features a cushion cut diamond set in 18K yellow gold enhanced by a halo of pavé set round brilliant cut diamonds.

Another mesmerising creation is the Fancy Yellow diamond bracelet, skillfully crafted with 20 oval and cushion cut yellow diamonds with a total carat weight of 13.00ct, set in 18K yellow gold. This timeless piece is a beautiful reflection of your love and a constant celebration of life’s most special moments.


Shimansky Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewellery



Whether you are in search of a yellow diamond engagement ring, an elegant yellow diamond gift or a stylish yellow diamond creation simply “just because”, we are sure you will find a design that will capture your heart.

At Shimansky you are spoiled for choice with our selection of oval yellow diamond rings, yellow diamond halo rings, cushion and pear-shaped yellow diamond jewellery. All Shimansky diamond pieces can be tailored to your personal style with of your choice in Platinum, 18K white gold or rose gold.

Let us help you find the perfect jewellery creation to celebrate your most precious moments. We invite you to visit a Shimansky showroom near you and create an everlasting memory with a Shimansky diamond original.

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