So you’ve been dating for some time and you’ve both been treading tactfully around the subject of your future together, whether wedding bells, children and a white picket fence feature in the 5 year plan of your prospective life partner. You’re on the same page, he’s even coming around to the idea of getting a cat and naming it Princess Fluff Face, now all that remains is for him to pop the question. You can’t wait to marry Mr. Right, but you’ve seen his taste in decor and denim, and if your most recent birthday gift is anything to go by, he’s going to need all the help he can get in selecting an engagement ring!

Help him find the ring you want

It’s understandable that you want to find a ring that speaks to you when you’re the one who will be wearing proudly a symbol of your love, every day. If you aren’t confident in your man getting it right on his own, it’s better to give him a nudge in the right direction –he’ll probably be grateful for the guidance because neither of you will be happy if you’re disappointed in your ring.

Help him find the ring you want

Here are our five sure-fire ideas on how to make sure that when you say “Yes”, it’s marked by a ring that perfectly reflects your tastes, your love story, the moment.

1. Go Ring Shopping Together

If you’ve discussed marriage and you’re a pretty practical pair, why not casually suggest that you have a date day and look for rings together one weekend. You’ll both learn a lot about the factors that need to be considered when purchasing a diamond ring, and about your personal tastes. He will get a clear idea of which diamond cut and metal you prefer, whether you like something intricate or simple and what style best compliments your hand, your personality and your lifestyle in general. Ask to have your ring size measured and recorded in store for our safekeeping -it’s something small that men often struggle with and having it on our system for later reference will help him more than you know. Your partner can always return to the store when he’s ready to buy or put his own personal spin on your dream engagement ring.

If he’s a very traditional man your boyfriend might be against the idea choosing a ring together, in which case take the opportunity while you’re at the mall to do some shopping outside your favourite jewellery store, you’ll at least be able to point out the designs you like and most importantly, the ones you don’t

2. Enlist A Friend Or Family Member

If you’re too shy to point out the ring you like or (despite your concerns) you still want to be surprised, leave it to your loved ones to convey the message when he starts dropping hints. Let your mother, bestie or sister know what you like in a ring, and if there’s a particular ring you’re lusting after, make sure she knows what it looks like and where you saw it. Equip them to help your guy in choosing your dream engagement ring by sharing your One Day Wedding Pinterest board (we know you have one) with them.

Whether they give him a briefing before he heads out, or actually join him on his trip to Shimansky, if she knows you as well as you think she does, she’ll be able to help him choose the perfect engagement ring without much help.



Help him find the ring you want

3. Design It Together

If you know what you want, and know that it is a one-of-a-kind creation, then designing a ring that you both love is a perfect choice- and a preference you should convey to him when you first start talking about getting engaged. You don’t want him to waste him time or money hunting for the perfect ring when you have your heart set on having something completely unique to treasure forever – other than your relationship of course! Make it a project that you do together and make sure he has a say. Ask your guy for his opinion about various cuts, metals and settings and share your ideas with him so that the final creation is something you’re both proud of, the first of a lifetime of collaborations. Another choice is to find a ring each of you love, and then combine different elements of each design into something truly special. You should also both attend your consultations to ensure the designer takes both of your tastes into account. Contact us on to book your consultation.

Help him find the ring you want

4. Show Him A Picture

Men are visual creatures, and simply telling him what you want might result in you receiving something else completely. The safest option to go – if you’re feeling bold – is to constantly expose him to pictures of what you want, something he can pull out of his wallet or bring up on his phone to compare when he goes to the jeweller. Stick pictures to the fridge, unashamedly post on his Facebook wall or simply send him some links to designs from our engagement ring collection. Timing and tact however, are key if you think this route will work for you. If he’s not ready to propose, or hasn’t yet saved up to buy the ring of your dreams, your not-so-subtle clues might make him awkward – especially if your hinting is happening on a public platform. Before you embark on your hint-a-thon, ensure you know where his head is at and if he’s in a receptive frame of mind for these nudges in the right direction.

5. Ask For A Surprise

Are you an old-school romantic who doesn’t want to take the mystery out of your magical proposal? If you trust his taste and trust that you will love whatever he chooses, purely because he chose it to commemorate such a special moment, then let him know that the ball (or diamond) is in his court. Mention what sort of things you like in passing – if you’ve into vintage or more contemporary designs- and point out what you like about various friends or family member’s rings. He’ll get a good idea of your personal style, and when he its time to choose a ring, he can piece together your comments and find the perfect ring for you, that’s ultimately his choice and a complete surprise for you.

On top of hunting for that special engagement ring, planning the perfect proposal is hard and time-consuming work, so patience is your word du jour when it comes to this tactic – don’t press him too much or you’ll spoil the surprise and steal his thunder in one poorly timed conversation.