Flawless 60.70 carat Tanzanite Collectors Stone on Display at Shimansky

A truly unique example of one of the world’s rarest gems, a flawless, 60.70 carat polished Tanzanite worth nearly R1 Million, currently occupies pride of place in the Shimansky Jewellers Clock Tower Showroom at the V&A Waterfront. Resplendent in all its deep indigo glory, the gemstone - polished from a piece of rough Tanzanite acquired by Founder and CEO Yair Shimansky himself over 8 years ago – is a glittering centrepiece at the Clock Tower Showroom, and available for all to see.

60.70 ct Tanzanite Collectors Stone at Shimansky Jewellers, Cape Town| Shimansky

The gemstone is rated VAAA+ IF – internally flawless, making it one of the highest-quality Tanzanites in the world. Shimansky’s team of expert artisans took 5 months to polish and cut it in 2018, to bring out its true radiance.

All of Shimansky’s Tanzanite, used to create mesmerising pieces for the Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite collection, is ethically sourced direct from the D-block of the mining area in Tanzania, at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This direct-to-mine relationship is the result of a relationship with the Maasai tribe who operate the Block, contributing to their economic sustainability and affording Shimansky the unique opportunity to hand-select the finest stones to emerge from the earth.

Tanzanite’s rarity is a result of it only being found in a mining area two kilometres wide and four kilometres long in Tanzania, meaning that the Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite collection offers visitors to the Shimansky Showrooms, a truly unique and incredibly rare piece of Africa to treasure forever.

Collectors Tanzanite Stone on show at Shimansky Jewellers Clock Tower, Cape Town | Shimansky

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