From breathtakingly beautiful mountains to extraordinary ocean views, there’s no shortage of things-to-do in the Mother City. No wonder this extraordinary city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, last year travellers were left high and dry after the City of Cape Town announced one of the world’s most desirable destinations is about to be left without water. The news of the water shortage led to a time of uncertainty for Cape Town Tourism. But after astonishing commitment and involvement from all sectors - government, agriculture, tourism, businesses, and from the citizens of Cape Town – and a ton of rain things are looking up for the Cape Town tourism industry. Here’s everything you need to know about the current water situation in Cape Town:

The latest about the water in Cape Town

  • Current levels of major dams in Cape Town are at 81.8%. In August 2017, the water levels in the Cape Town dams stood at 32.5%, but with the current rainfall, dam levels continue to rise.
The Latest about the water in Cape Town

  • With multiple campaigns and awareness programs about the precious resource, citizens, businesses and the government managed to lower the use of water with an estimated 60% during the first half of 2018. This meant the water usage went from 1.2-billion litres to a maximum of 550-million litres per day in a matter of months.
  • Although hotel and guesthouse bookings dropped last year, the current water situation caused the number of tourists travelling to Cape Town to pick up once again.
  • Cape Town has worked hard on creating strong relationships and implement systems that will protect the city from running out of water. The Mother City is experiencing a lot of rain and is determined to welcome tourist from around the world to visit this extraordinary destination as per usual.
  • With a series of water saving campaigns, Cape Town has managed to change the world tourist industry for the better and has become the leaders of “responsible tourism” and “resilience”.

Tourists can now have the complete confidence to known that Cape Town dam levels continue to rise. In essence, tourists around the world are looking to have a more positive impact on their environment. With everyday guidelines and plausible solutions in place, Cape Town remains one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in the world. If you haven’t been to the Mother City yet, it’s time to pack your bags and book your flight.