Secret Diamond Chamber Experience

Cape Town’s tour guides and operators know well that high-end visitors to the Mother City appreciate exclusive experiences and highly personalised attention. Shimansky’s Secret Diamond Chamber Experience at The Rockwell has been specifically designed to provide an elite, intimate diamond tour to satisfy the most discerning tourists. Limited to groups of only five or less VIPs at a time, this unforgettable encounter in a hidden sanctuary reveals the enigmas and surprises of the Earth’s most beautiful gemstone, a diamond.

Situated at The Rockwell Hotel on Prestwich Street in the De Waterkant village of Greenpoint, the Secret Diamond Chamber Experience forms part of the Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell if requested, which includes diamond cutting and polishing operations, a design studio, a state-of-the-art jewellery workshop, a dazzling 1200m² showroom and the stylish bar lounge offering contemporary wine, craft gin and whiskey tastings. Most visitors pass right by the artfully disguised entrance to the Secret Diamond Chamber - only upon request will the doors be opened for a small group.



Secret Diamond Chamber Experience

Our expert host will lead your VIP group through the hidden access to the Secret Diamond Chamber. Imbued with mystique, this intimate setting has been beautifully designed with breathtaking displays and provides an extraordinary atmosphere for sharing the rich and fascinating stories of South African diamonds.

Diamonds, formed around 3 billion years ago in the Earth’s deep mantle under extreme heat conditions, are a wonder of Nature that never fail to captivate imaginations. The journey of every single Shimansky diamond, which are all conflict-free and of South African origin, is literally one that is traced from mine to finger.

Authenticity is assured as every diamond, hand-selected from the mines, is analysed and graded according to the highest standards of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA graded). Guests are able to feel real-to-life replicas of world famous diamonds while they learn about the intricate processes of the Shimansky master craftsmen as they shape and polish every unique diamond according to the brand’s renowned cuts and designs.

The Art Of Diamond Cutting | Shimansky


The true magic of the Secret Diamond Chamber lies in the scintillating diamonds

It is the perfect surrounding for guests to have the rare opportunity to closely examine fire and brilliance in a signature Shimansky creation such as the following:

  • Millennium®, South Africa’s most iconic and desired diamond engagement ring;
  • Evolym®, which features extraordinary diamonds with 360-degree exposure to light;
  • Brilliant 10®, which delivers up to 25% more sparkle than any other diamond cut in the world;
  • My Girl®, which is the world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table and the only internationally-patented diamond cut to originate from South Africa;
  • and, Eight Hearts®, a remarkable 57-facet round brilliant cut diamond which displays unprecedented fire

Secret Diamond Chamber Experience

Visitors to the Shimansky Secret Diamond Chamber will never look at a diamond in the same way again. Inspired by their time in the Secret Diamond Chamber, your guests can leisurely browse and shop in the glittering, 1200m2 showroom. However, those who have their own ideas about jewellery design may rather want to choose from a wide selection of GIA graded loose diamonds, as well as tanzanite; then, take a seat in our design studio and consult with our jewellery designers to co-create their own masterpiece. Their diamond experience is enhanced by learning about the precious metals we use – apart from silver and gold, Shimansky jewellers are notable platinum specialists. Designs co-created with your guests on the diamond tour will be brought to life by our expert jewellers within 48 hours.

Rockwell Shimansky Showroom

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell also provides your guests with the opportunities to learn about, shop for or co-create special tanzanite jewellery. As the only precious gemstone utterly exclusive to the African continent, tanzanite jewellery has become a special focus of international travellers visiting South Africa. Read more about why tanzanite is so popular here.

Your guests can relax in our stylish bar lounge, enjoying the tranquil ambiance in a stunning setting and attentive service. Inspired tastings of premium Cape wines, craft gins and whiskey generously round off a VIP Cape Town diamond experience imbued with the professionalism, uniqueness and fine character that upholds your brand as an exclusive tour operator.

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell, which was launched almost a year ago, provides Cape Town’s tour guides and operators with exceptional, tailor-made diamond tours that completely delight their clients. Glowing reviews and a consistent 5-star Trip Advisor rating is testimony to how this unique diamond experience has wowed visitors from the moment it opened doors in the trendy De Waterkant village of Green Point. Group tours for up to 40 visitors are available.

The Shimansky Secret Diamond Chamber Experience at The Rockwell is available only to small groups with a maximum of 5 people, 7 days a week between 09h00 and 20h00. If you haven’t personally experienced our Secret Diamond Chamber yet, we invite you to schedule a site visit to see first-hand what your visitors can expect.
To make your booking, please contact us now on email: or by phone: +27 21 440 5277

The Rockwell All Suite Hotel, Corner of Prestwich & Alfred Streets, Green Point, Cape Town
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