Why should you visit the Shimansky Diamond Experience while you are in Cape Town?

Shimansky Diamonds, Cape Town, South Africa

Mineral-rich South Africa is a top diamond and gold producer, and remains the number one platinum producer in the world. No visit to South Africa would be complete without experiencing its vivid natural wealth, making the Shimansky Diamond Experiences in Cape Town a must-see and a high profile on top tourist itineraries.

From exclusive, private tours to the graceful hosting of large tour groups, Shimansky’s three unique Diamond Experiences can seamlessly meet the needs of tour operators and tour guides aiming to deliver unforgettable, quality Cape Town experiences for their clients.

Shimansky Diamond Experience at Clock Tower, Waterfront, Cape Town

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at the Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

South Africa’s diamond history comes to life at the Shimansky Diamond Experience at the Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront, where personally guided tours are available for tour groups of all sizes as well as for walk-ins.

The experience includes a fascinating tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum, where visitors get to view exhibits documenting the multi-billion year formation of diamonds deep within the Earth and marvel over glittering replicas of the world’s most famous diamonds.

The guided tour also includes a rare visit behind-the-scenes as visitors move on to witness Shimansky craftsmen at work cutting and polishing raw diamonds and tanzanite, as well as a visit to the state-of-the-art Shimansky jewellery workshop where master jewellers create exquisite contemporary pieces that are synonymous with this leading 21st Century diamond brand.

The journey from an adventurous past into the glittering present culminates in the breathtaking Shimansky showroom, where guests can browse, try on and shop with the peace of mind that every diamond in a Shimansky creation is conflict-free, traceable from mine to finger and independently authenticated at the highest global standards.

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at the Clock Tower is open seven days a week from 9am – 9pm. To book a guided tour now, click here. Admission is complimentary for booked tours.


Shimansky Diamond Experience at Rockwell Hotel, Green Point, Cape Town

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell, Green Point, Cape Town

Situated at The Rockwell Hotel on Prestwich Street in the trendy De Waterkant village of Green Point, the Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell provides tour guides and tour operators with exceptional diamond experience tours that are tailor-made for their clients.

Shimansky Diamonds My Girl Collection

The booking system and dedicated tour bus parking ensure that this Cape Town diamond experience is ideal for tour groups of all sizes.

Knowledgeable Shimansky representatives lead guests on the multi-lingual, 45-minute tour through South Africa’s fascinating diamond history, and present the wonder that is the formation of diamonds over 3 billion years. As they tour the state-of-the-art diamond cutting and polishing operations, the design studio and the jewellery workshop, visitors witness the transformation of rough diamonds into the cut and polished stones that adorn the signature Shimansky jewellery pieces.

 The secret diamond chamber, Shimansky diamonds

Guests are also offered a visit to the intimate Secret Diamond Chamber which has been beautifully designed with mesmerising displays and an extraordinary atmosphere for sharing the rich and fascinating stories of South African diamonds. Finally, stepping into the dazzling 1200m²showroom, alight with diamond fire, literally takes your breath away. Personal attention is on hand as guests get the opportunity to browse, try on and shop for beautiful creations of diamonds and tanzanite. They also enjoy relaxing in the stylish bar lounge with tastings of premium wines, craft gins and whiskey on offer.

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at The Rockwell is open from Monday to Sunday between 9am and 8pm. Booking is essential. To book a guided tour now, click here.


Shimansky Diamonds, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

A stunning, new luxury experience has been added to the already dazzling world of Shimansky, with the grand, sophisticated Shimansky Showroom at the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, conveniently located at the scenic V&A Waterfront, one of Cape Town's top tourist attractions. This enhanced and expanded Shimansky Showroom brings the diamond cutting, polishing and setting experience to the fore, offering clients a glimpse behind the scenes of the journey of every Shimansky diamond.

Visitors also have the opportunity to collaborate with a Shimansky designer at the showroom to bring a bespoke jewellery item to life after selecting a unique stone from a wide array of GIA-graded loose diamonds or tanzanite. No expense has been spared in the creation of this generous Shimansky Showroom, from its stylish décor to the dazzling showcasing of the full array of iconic jewellery items from the world-famous Shimansky range. The meticulously curated space includes a full-service bar area and a private diamond consultation room for clients who want a more intimate, private jewellery buying experience.

The Shimansky Diamond Experience at V&A Waterfront is open from Monday to Sunday between 9am and 9pm. To book a design consultation for your guests, click here.