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Shimansky - Starlight Diamond Cushion Pendant 0.50ct crafted in 18K Rose Gold
Starlight Diamond Cushion Pendel

0.5 TCW | Round Brilliant | Microset | 18K Rose Gold

FörsäljningsprisZAR 71,270.00
Shimansky - Starlight Diamond Marques Ring 0.60ct crafted in 18K White Gold
Starlight Diamond Marquise Ring

0,6 TCW | Round Brilliant | Microset | 18K White Gold

FörsäljningsprisZAR 68,770.00
Shimansky - Starlight Diamond Round Earrings 0.80ct crafted in 18K Yellow Gold
Starlight Diamond runda örhängen

0.8 TCW | Round Brilliant | Microset | 18K Yellow Gold

FörsäljningsprisZAR 68,770.00



Like the stars in the sky, each jewellery creation in the collection sparkles with an intensity second to none. The rows of concentric diamonds create a dynamic displays of light, and a twinkling that is intensified with your every move. The Starlight Collection allows you to take the stars with you wherever you go. It’s a little reminder of your place in the universe, and all the possibilities it presents to us.

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