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The Infinity fluet ring is the ultimate motif of perpetuity, with treble bands intertwined in an incessant loop and is available in 18K timeless yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The Infinity fluet ring is also available in a captivating design incorporating all three eye-catching golds and is undoubtedly authentic, unique and timeless. Whichever design in our Infinity collection you fall in love with, it is certain to reflect your most cherished moments and become a masterpiece that you will treasure for eternity.

Scientologists also refer to the infinity symbol as the eighth dynamic, this being understood as the desire for eternal and infinite existence. The eighth dynamic is also frequently referred to as ‘the supreme being’ or ‘creator’ – welcoming the wholeness and endless capacity of all as they do not believe in reincarnation, but in past lives. The evolution of this symbol has led to the modern interpretation as being the advocate for endless and enduring love and devotion.